Visual Content Creation

Make it hot: Top ways to depict temperature in your food and beverage photography

From frozen treats to a hot cup of coffee, find out what is required to capture the heat of the moment with your camera

Visual Content Creation

Have a creative cocktail hour with these expert tips for photographing drinks

Create cocktail photos worth raising a glass to with these actionable tips from an expert photographer and drink stylist

Visual Content Creation

Learn these composition techniques to improve your food photography

There are a few golden rules to follow (and then break at will) that will help you create beautiful food compositions every single time

Visual Content Creation

Top 6 ways to creatively frame your photography subject

Want to make a product the hero of your shot? Check out these creative framing techniques to draw your viewers eye right to your subject.

Visual Content Creation

Meet the 6 personalities of the flatlay and master your next composition

Give some thought to your composition by learning about these personalities and discover how you can create optimum impact with your images

Visual Content Creation

Prop it Like it's Hot: Where to Source the Best Accessories for Styling Your Photo

Discover how find the best tools to help tell your visual story, add colour and texture and enhance the mood and ambience of your image

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