Deby’s journey to creative freedom: building a portfolio of global brands and fostering community bonds

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Deby’s journey to creative freedom: building a portfolio of global brands and fostering community bonds

Meet Deby Hargiani, a talented product photographer from Indonesia who has been a long-time member of our community and valued Creatively Squared creator. Deby's work consistently stands out with her polished style and pastel-hued aesthetic that showcases her unique creative vision.

Deby's passion for photography started in childhood and has grown into an impressive career. Today, she regularly collaborates with our platform to produce eye-catching content for global brands like Pantene, TRESemmé, Neutrogena, and Cetaphil from her minimalist studio in Malang.

Beyond her impressive portfolio, Deby is an active contributor to the Creatively Squared community. She generously shares her tips, setups and behind-the-scenes content from her photoshoots to inspire fellow creators. Her fresh ideas and willingness to experiment are received with much creative enthusiasm and always push the boundaries of what's possible in product photography.

Ready to be inspired too? Let’s dive deeper into Deby's journey and unique creative perspective!

Let’s chat with Deby

Hey everyone, I’m Deby! I became interested in photography when I was in school as a hobby. Being a photographer has been my dream since I was in junior high school. Then I worked as an architectural photographer at the beginning of my career in 2019 for 1.5 years.

When the COVID pandemic hit, I lost my job right then and there. Trying to roll the idea back, I started a product photography business without any capital. I began creating a portfolio in my garage using natural light and I tried consistently offering my services to brands. Until finally, I was able to start growing my portfolio and now work with many brands.

My favourite genre is still life photography. I used to be an adherent of surrealism photography, by combining with the development of media, still life can be the right genre to express ideas and work with many brands.

Deby’s fresh work for Neutrogena and Cetaphil nails the creative brief. Source: Creatively Squared

One thing about me is that I am known to be a very introvert person. Visuals are my way of conveying my heart and feelings. On the other hand, I have a feminine, energetic, and creative personality. I am also solo traveler and a person who likes to work in tranquility.

Journey with Creatively Squared

I found Creatively Squared on social media. Through this community, I feel that I can grow further, get more opportunities and be able to interact with content creators from around the world. There are so many new things that I get from being here in the community. Starting from discussions with creators who have the same passion, to knowing the many variations and differences in the character of each creator's photos. It is also possible for to work with big brands through this community - this is my dream job!

One of Deby’s favourite projects so far. Source: Creatively Squared

The most exciting project so far was working on the Pantene Macaron project. On that project, we were finally able to work outside the studio while experiencing a new location.

And the most challenging project in my opinion was Tresemme. For me, for those who often use feminine colours, I am challenged to use colours that are all black. This particular Tresemme project made me unlock a new experience of photographing products and backgrounds all black!

One of Deby's outtakes from the TRESemmé project. Source: Creatively Squared

Tools of the trade

I'm using a Canon 5D Mark III with 100mm macro lens. My tripod is Fotopro X-GO. For editing, I use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Lightroom.

When it comes to shooting locations, I love my indoor photo studio! That means I can be creative and try many perspectives using artificial light.

Apart from that, I also don’t want to rule out outdoor setups, nothing can beat natural sunlight! The fresh environment really makes my creative ideas flow. That's what makes me feel eager to explore photography and styling in various angles.

Deby’s stunning studio space. Source: Deby Hargiani


Deby’s creative process

I use a preconceived storyboard concept. There are clients who arrange this for a project, but I still tidy up again to prepare for production. For me, the suitability of working on a project starts with a neat brief, like when i work on a Creatively Squared project.

Deby plans all her photoshoots using storyboards. Source: Deby Hargiani

I am lucky to have a team behind me, including production assistants, marketing and editors who help me with projects. Every time I have a photoshoot, I don't like listening to music that is too fast. To raise my mood, I just play the instrument or usually give a few minutes to sit down and breathe, and eat some snacks.

Finding inspiration

These creators inspire me to be more creative - @kse.bolshakova, and @florencejamescollective.

Top creative tip

For me, quality content isn't about changing identities. Do what is already the strength of your creative identity. Improve skills by looking at people's references and learning with mentors. I prefer to take classes to improve my skills, that way, I can ask the things I need to ask.

Lastly, what’s next for you?

I want to develop more deeply about lighting and photo retouching. I feel that I still haven't delved much into the mysterious things about photography and lighting.

Thank you Deby for continually igniting our community's creativity with your innovative ideas. We always appreciate seeing you generously share your tips and behind-the-scenes insights with us not to mention the stunning content you produce for our customers.

To keep up with Deby's inspiring journey, follow her on Instagram @debyauliaa and

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