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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Creatively Squared platform work for creators?

Creatively Squared is a managed marketplace that connects brands with talented content creators. Our platform is supported by our creative community and we welcome anyone with an interest in creating visual content to join. As a member of our community, you can engage with each other, develop your skills and portfolio, and apply to be a paid content creator.
Approved Content Creators are offered projects that our system and team deem to be a good fit based on a variety or factors including your interests, skills, experience and location. You can accept or decline each project and payment is guaranteed for every project.

How do I apply to become a Creatively Squared content creator?

1. Join the Community
This is our home base where you can join other creators on a similar journey, sharing advice and feedback within a safe and supportive environment. This purpose built Community is inclusive and welcomes all people with a passion for creating visual content. We highly encourage getting to know the team and other creators here first before diving into branded content creation with us.
2. Register your interest for projects
Submit your portfolio or some examples of your work for us to review. If we can see you are ready to create visual content for our customers, we'll be in touch with the next steps. Click here for to see sample images and sample videos to get an idea of what exactly we're looking for.
3. Create visuals for global brands
Once accepted, we’ll offer you projects that we think are a good fit and get you to work your creative magic. All projects offered are fully paid and you'll never be proposing or pitching for work.

Do I need to join the Community to work with Creatively Squared?

Joining the Community will greatly enrich your experience as a content creator with Creatively Squared. As well as providing a social forum for like-minded creative folk, the Community platform enables an easier workflow for managing your paid content creation projects. You'll be able to have discussions with other content creators working on the same briefs and have a direct line to receive support from the Creatively Squared team.

How do I join the Creatively Squared Community?

Join our Community platform here by simply telling us a few details about yourself. Once inside, head over to 📍Start Here to learn more and 👋 Say Hello so we can get to know you a little better!

What do I need to do to receive project offers from Creatively Squared?

Creatively Squared creates high-quality custom lifestyle and product visuals for brands. To receive content creation opportunities with Creatively Squared you will need to demonstrate your capabilities by sharing a portfolio of relevant work.

Do I need to be a professional photographer or stylist?

Not necessarily. Our team is made up of all types of creatives, from professionals to hobbyists. Our visual content projects are a unique hybrid of photography, styling and storytelling. While you may be qualified or excel in one area, we will need to see that you can combine all three elements to be accepted to the platform.

Will I need to post content on social media?

We are not an influencer platform in any way and will never ask you to post anything about this project. Content sharing requires permission from the customer and, when given, may be shared at your own discretion.

What will my first project look like?

1. Our platform will identify when we have a project that is a good fit for you. This criteria is based on your location, interests and areas of expertise.
2. Your Account Manager will send you the project offer via Community DM and email, which you may accept or decline within 24 hours.
3. Should you accept, products (if applicable) will be shipped to your address.
4. Once you receive your products, you will have 14 calendar days to complete the project. In cases where there are no products involved, it is 14 calendar days from the date you accept the project.
5. Upon completion, Creatively Squared will review your content within 48 hours.When all has been approved, you will receive your payment.

How much are creators paid?

The average guaranteed payment per project is USD $600, most projects range from $300 to $1,200 with the exact payment varying depending on the type of content created and quantity ordered. Creators are also paid $600 per asset every time a brand purchases an Extended License for use in offline and out of home campaigns.

The opportunity to work with global brands

Thanks to Creatively Squared I've had the opportunity to work with so many brands I wouldn't have otherwise come into contact with. I love the challenge of following a brief and delivering something that I may not have normally created.

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I love the flexibility and creative freedom

I love the flexibility, it allows me to be creative outside of my full time job. I’m given creative freedom to express my style, but Creatively Squared also provides guidance and support which helps me to grow as a creative.

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