Case Studies

Proudly Vegan logo.png

Creating content reflecting specific brand values

Proudly Vegan needed to create some seasonal imagery of their wines being enjoyed with meals. The images needed to reflect their brand values to appeal to their Vegan target market.


Creatively Squared matched Proudly Vegan wines with a local content creator who was both a passionate food stylist and embraced a plant-based lifestyle. 


The alignment of personal values and the content creators experience working with food facilitated the production of mouth watering images featuring Proudly Vegan. 

The resulting images highlighted the use of the product during meal preparation and vegan food pairing.

Proudly Vegan - Sandy W - -1.jpg
Proudly Vegan - Sandy W - -8.jpg


Generating Images consistent with existing branded materials

Accolade wines had a very distinct creative direction for their Batch X label and needed to generate further imagery that was aligned with their previous branded visuals


Creatively Squared matched Accolade wines with a couple different content creators who had the appropriate visual aesthetic for this brand


Collectively the content creators were able to integrate the brands existing visual look and feel into a gallery of new images for Batch X. Having multiple creators working to the same brief created a collection of unique images that were all consistent with the current brand identity.

batch x wines_3.jpg
batch x wines.jpg
batch x wines_5.jpg


Creating images for a seasonal holiday

The Golden Duck Co were launching a limited edition gold packet to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Singapore and needed some suitable imagery for the occasion.


Creatively Squared matched The Golden Duck Co with a local Singaporean creator who celebrated Chinese New Year.


Being familiar with the event, the content creator owned a number of personal items and seasonal decorations that were photographed with the limited edition pack to capture the spirit of the Lunar New Year festival.

The resulting images were culturally relevant and appropriately presented for the occasion.

The Golden Duck - Joe O_6.JPG
The Golden Duck - Joe O_2.JPG
The Golden Duck - Joe O_7.JPG
The Golden Duck - Joe 1O.JPG


Accessing content creators in a specific location

Headquartered in London, Accolade wines needed to obtain imagery of their Kumala wine variety in iconic South African locations


Creatively Squared matched Kumala wines with a content creator based in South Africa to photograph the product


Using local flowers, scenic locations and iconic coloured houses, the content creator was able to capture some uniquely South African images for Kumala Wines.

The on location photos captured the vibrancy of South Africa while showcasing the product in a creative way.

Kumala Wines - Shirley E_8.JPG
Kumala Wines - Shirley E_3.JPG
Kumala Wines - Shirley E_1.JPG
Kumala Wines - Shirley E_7.JPG


Creating fresh ideas for a new product launch

For the launch of Cupio Rosé, Accolade wines needed some unique imagery communicating the edgy brand personality of this new variety that was exciting and unexpected for wine.


Creatively Squared matched Accolade wines with a content creator who had the appropriate visual aesthetic for this brand


The resulting images were unique, bold and edgy.

The styling presented the wine in a new and creative way without using traditional wine accompaniments such as cheese platters.

Cupio Rosé Crystal J_9.jpg