Inclusive representation sparks wave of positivity as Kotex sets a new standard in advertising

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U By Kotex, an innovative brand of period care products, has made a name for itself by embracing diversity and inclusivity in its marketing approach. Recognizing the need to create a more impactful launch for their new line of reusable period underwear, the brand aimed to produce imagery that truly represents their target demographic - the diverse Australian population.


U By Kotex was committed to creating imagery that truly resonates with their audience by featuring a range of body shapes and ethnicities for their new product launch. The goal was to offer a realistic and inclusive representation of the diverse Australian population, ensuring that their marketing visuals would echo the values of body positivity and acceptance.


In a triumphant celebration of real women's bodies, Creatively Squared partnered with U By Kotex to match the brand with everyday women of all shapes and sizes. With a single brief, they gained access to a range of relatable models photographed in authentic home settings. Emphasizing the brand's commitment to authenticity and body positivity, no retouching was done on the models' images, proudly showcasing scars, stretch marks, and tattoos.

The campaign resonated deeply with the target audience, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response. Particularly noteworthy was the response to an ad featuring a model with a 'zipper' scar, which received hundreds of comments and likes. This campaign proved that embracing diversity and authenticity in advertising is a powerful approach, as it allows brands like U By Kotex to create a genuine connection with their audience.

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Working with Creatively Squared has been a game changer for us in Australia as we have been as to create a suite of imagery for brands that can easier be adapted for different channels


Kotex champions inclusivity and self-love with body positive models

U by Kotex

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