Our purpose is to turn creative passion in to opportunity


We believe in the power of ideas and a future driven by creativity.

Everyone is creative and should be empowered to express themselves and let their ideas flourish without the fear of judgement.

‍Our purpose is to turn creative passion into opportunity.

Building a welcoming and supportive community is at the heart of everything we do. We know we are stronger together.

We value people of different backgrounds and experiences and believe everyone has something unique to offer.

Encouraging diversity of perspectives, talents and creative disciplines only serves to enrich the experience and outcomes of our community.

We will never ask anyone to work for free, nor will we pay in exposure, likes, products or anything else that doesn’t pay the bills.

We pay our content creators for the work they complete because we believe everyone should be rewarded fairly for the work they do.

We’re committed to helping our customers achieve their goals by providing opportunities to work with exceptional creative talent.

We believe that when our creatives succeed, our customers succeed and we are committed to enabling independent creators around the world to make a living doing what they love.

Meet the team

Ruth Stephensen
Cofounder, CCO
Scott Thomas
Cofounder, CEO
Yna-Zea Rafinan
Account Manager
Charlie Morgan
Business Development
Francisco Canela
Senior Engineer
Yap Yi Liang
Business Development
Marisa Young
Community Lead
Kate Wilson
Account Manager
Rachael Loiseau
Business Development
Daria Pták
Account Manager
Anupreet Pabla
Sales Development
Sammy Wong
Senior Designer
Louise Etchepare
Sales Development
Chrizelle Monique
Community Assistant
Melanie Chang
Senior Designer
Lis Dingjan
Head of Product

Our Culture

We are a life-friendly team.

We know that people are not machines and each of us leads a family and community filled existence outside of work.

We believe supporting our team to live a fulfilling, balanced life enables them to perform at their best at work, which in turn means we can better support our customers and creators.

Who you are is more important than where in the world you’re located, we’ve always been fully remote.

We’re looking for people who align with our values and are dedicated to building something amazing.

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