Creatively Squared empowers and inspires creatives to do what they love

We are an inclusive community that celebrates creative people from all around the world. We believe that everyone is creative in their own way and we exist to grow, inspire and support each other.

We connect brands with talented creatives to produce original, authentic visual content

We know creating engaging, branded content is hard. We make this easy by matching each brand with the right creatives from our community. Our system carefully aligns visual aesthetics, capabilities and core values to find the perfect creative talent for every brand.

15,000+ creatives
From 130+ countries
Producing content in 7 countries
ruth and scott creatively sqaured founders

Creatively Squared Co-Founders Ruth Stephensen and Scott Thomas

Ruth brings her talent for translating brand objectives into compelling visuals to the business. She runs the weekly creative challenges for the Instagram community and makes sure everyone is inspired.

Scott has an analytical background and focuses on the business side of things. His work on strategy and constant innovation ensures Creatively Squared keeps heading in the right direction.