About us

Creatively empowering great marketers

Our mission is to help marketers create inspiring original content that builds brand loyalty using our global network of creators. Our affordable and user-friendly platform combines our expertise with advanced technology to deliver relevant content worldwide, helping customers achieve digital goals more effectively.

Our Origins

Founders Story

Ruth founded Creatively Squared as an online community of passionate photographers and creatives. As the community grew, she noticed a gap in the market for businesses struggling to create unique and captivating content. With the belief that creativity is essential for success in the digital world, Ruth joined forces with Scott to turn the community into a platform that connects talented creators with businesses worldwide.

Today, Creatively Squared is a leading provider of custom content and creative services that help brands stand out and build strong relationships with their audiences. Despite its success, the platform remains true to its community-driven roots, empowering both creators and businesses to achieve their goals through the power of creativity.

Brands and creators achieve goals together through Creatively Squared!

What we stand for

Cultivating community

We focus on building a friendly and welcoming community where creators can freely express themselves. We are committed to empowering our creators to succeed, as it directly translates to success for our customers

Championing diversity

We believe diverse perspectives and ideas lead to exceptional content that connects deeply with audiences. Collaborating with varied talent helps our customers find creative solutions to stand out and reach their goals

Equitable compensation

We firmly support fair payment for creative work. We never ask creators to work for free or for exposure, likes, or products. We're dedicated to helping creators worldwide earn a living by doing what they love
Our Culture

Join our life-friendly team

Our team values work-life balance and understands that everyone has personal commitments outside of work. We believe supporting our team in leading fulfilling lives enables them to perform at their best, allowing us to better serve our customers and creators worldwide. As a fully remote team, we prioritise hiring individuals who align with our values and are committed to building something extraordinary.