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200 Credits
For smaller single brand projects a few times a year.
USD / per credit
  • Perpetual, worldwide licenses
  • Simple auto-renewal
  • Premium customer support
Up to 200 images or 40 motion assets
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600 Credits
For regular digital campaigns throughout the year.
USD / per credit
  • Perpetual, worldwide licenses
  • Simple auto renewal
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Up to 600 images or 120 motion assets
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1200 Credits
For large-scale projects, ongoing digital campaigns, or brand asset banks.
USD / per credit
  • Perpetual, worldwide licenses
  • Simple auto renewal
  • Dedicated Account & Customer Success Manager
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
Up to 1200 images or 240 motion assets
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Enterprise solution
Customised for multiple brands and markets
  • Strategic account manager
  • Custom onboarding
  • Targeted creator recruitment
  • Custom Terms of Service
Strategic account manager
Custom onboarding
Targeted creator recruitment
Content revisions
Custom Terms of Service
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Content credits

Giving you the flexibility to select the mix of assets required when you submit each brief

Still images

Standard photographs

1 credit
Motion content

Stop motion, cinemagraphs

5 credits
Video Content

Short format

10 credits

Simple licensing




10 credits

Still resolution
Original (min 3000px)
Video resolution
Original (min 1080p)
Exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, royalty free and multiseat
Unlimited commercial use online Social media, digital marketing, websites
Unlimited commercial use in print, TV, Out of home and packaging
Model releases available on request

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Creatively Squared credits work?

Credits give you the flexibility to select a package that suits your individual needs while also enabling you to decide the mix of still images, motion or video content required for each project at the time you submit your brief.
Credits can also be redeemed for Extended Licenses for any asset that has been produced for you.

Do credits expire?

Credits have no expiry giving you the confidence to create content as you need it without worrying about losing credits if your content requirements change over time.

When I submit a brief, how many assets will I receive?

Each project will deliver the number of assets requested in your brief.
Rather than requesting creators perform additional work to create excess content, we deliver an agreed number of assets and incorporate feedback into subsequent briefs in an iterative improvement process. We recommend requesting a 20-30% buffer on top of your requirements for your initial projects.
Large campaigns (300+ assets) will typically start with a smaller calibration project before a larger asset bank is created.

Do projects have a minimum or maximum size?

Our minimum project size is 30 credits which can be a mix of still, motion and/or video assets.
For example
- 30 still images
- 20 still images and 2 motion assets
- 3 short format videos
Projects have no maximum allowing you to create asset banks of hundreds of assets in weeks.

How many content creators work on each project?

Every project will match you with multiple content creators so you receive a variety of content, each creator is allocated 10-20 credits and will provide 10-20 images or 2-4 motion / video assets.
E.g. A 400 credit project will utilise 20 - 40 creators.
We aim to rotate creatives between projects to keep your content fresh, however you can request specific creators from previous projects that you found to be a good fit for your brand.

Who are your content creators?

Our content creators are a mix of professionals, experienced hobbyists and talented amateurs that work from their own home with their own props to provide you with authentic visuals that your customers will love. By working in real situations we reduce the costs associated with photographers, stylists, studio fees, props and equipment.

What if I don’t like the content?

Our aim is to provide you with a variety of content using different creative interpretations of your brief, however being subjective work we can’t guarantee you will love every image or video provided. The benefits of this diversity means that every gallery you receive will have a mix of assets that exceed expectations, a majority that meet the brief and a minority that miss the mark.
Following every completed project we ask you to select your favourite assets and content creators, which forms part of the subsequent briefs so our system learns what works for your brand and your customers over time.
If there are objective errors (eg. you asked to not use a colour, which has been featured in the content), we will of course reshoot to fix the issue.

How does auto renewal work?

Our auto renewal feature ensures that your credits pack automatically renews so you maintain uninterrupted service and work begins as soon as you submit your brief. When your credits balance drops below 50, you will receive 30 days notice that your credits will renew at the same volume as your previous purchase, which you can upgrade or downgrade on request.
In contrast to monthly or annual subscriptions, your credits package only renews when your credits are about to run out ensuring you're able to use every credit you have purchased.
You can easily manage your auto renewal settings by contacting us.

What is the difference between Online and Extended Licences?

The Online License is included with every asset and is suitable for all online usage including social media, digital advertising, websites and e-commerce. The Extended License can be purchased at any time for a one-off 10 credit fee enabling content to be used in traditional media channels such as print, out of home, TV and product packaging. Both our Online and Extended Licenses are exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, royalty free and multi-seat.

Do you provide talent?

We don’t work with models or take requests for specific talent, however the content features friends and family of the content creators as required. All of our creators are required to have appropriate permissions to submit content for projects. Signed model releases are available with our Extended Licenses for content featuring recognisable people.

Do you crowdsource content?

We do not crowdsource or ask creators to work for free in the hope of being selected in a competition format, as we believe it is unsustainable and results in poor quality.Instead our focus is on matching you with the best suited creators upfront and paying our creators fairly for the assets they create. This results in high quality, cost effective content as they’re 100% focussed on doing the best job possible to create thumb stopping content celebrating your brand.

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