How Mike's Hard Lemonade achieves local relevance with Creatively Squared's global network of creators

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Mike's Hard Lemonade is an alcoholic beverage brand that was established in 1999, and is now owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. The brand gained popularity among consumers seeking a fun and easy-to-drink alternative to traditional beers and cocktails. Over the years, Mike's Hard Lemonade has broadened its product portfolio to include a variety of other flavors and offerings, such as hard seltzers and teas.


When Mike's Hard Lemonade entered several new markets, they required a substantial amount of high-quality content that could be produced quickly and cost-effectively. Their objective was to shift away from commercial-looking visuals created in a studio and instead produce socially native assets that would connect better with their target audience. Since they were entering these markets for the first time, they needed to create content that would be relevant to each local market while still being consistent with the overall global brand image. This was essential to ensure that the content resonated with their local audiences.


Partnering with Creatively Squared proved to be a game-changer for Mike's. The brand was able to overcome the challenge of producing high-quality content in large quantities for several new markets quickly and affordably. By leveraging the platform's global network of creators, Mike's was able to tap into a vast pool of talent and expertise from around the world, enabling them to produce content that resonated with local audiences while maintaining the global brand's look and feel.

The partnership allowed Mike's to transform its content from commercial-looking visuals produced in a studio to socially native assets that were more in line with its consumers' preferences. The locally relevant content created by Creatively Squared's network was not only consistent with the brand's identity but also effectively communicated the brand's message to new markets.

Overall, the partnership with Creatively Squared resulted in a more agile and cost-effective way for Mike's to produce quality content for digital use. The quality of the content improved with each subsequent project, and the brand was able to work with a variety of creators while still maintaining consistency in their messaging. By partnering with Creatively Squared, Mike's was able to successfully enter new markets and grow its brand presence globally.

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Mike’s expanded their reach with efficient content creation

We needed to produce locally relevant content for each of our markets that were consistent with the global brand look and feel and having access to a global network of creators enabled us to produce content that my local teams felt was more resonant with their markets. I’ve been most impressed with the ease of working with Creatively Squared, I love the briefing and asset delivery process which is very user-friendly. I find the quality of the content improves with each subsequent project and overall the experience has been an easy and agile way to produce quality content for digital use.

Mike's Hard Lemonade expands into new markets with cost-effective content creation through Creatively Squared

Mike's Hard Lemonade

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