Packaging with a local touch: How Huggies' UK team captured the South African market in redesign

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Huggies, a globally recognized brand of baby hygiene products from Kimberly-Clark, is renowned for its focus on providing high-quality, comfortable, and reliable products. Recognizing the need for a strong local connection in their marketing efforts, Huggies seeks to create content that resonates effectively in each market.


Huggies set out to create new packaging for their diapers that would reflect the diverse local population of South Africa, to create a stronger bond with the consumers and enrich their brand presence in the region. They needed to photograph local models, but with their design team based in the UK, they faced a challenge in organizing local shoots. Their goal was to produce authentic and region-specific content that would resonate with local consumers while also showcasing their product range effectively.


With the challenge of geographical distance and the need for a locally relevant campaign, Huggies turned to Creatively Squared's fully managed platform. This platform served as an end-to-end solution for Huggies, sourcing suitable creators who understood the local nuances, managing all the necessary bookings and payments, and overseeing the quality control of the images.

All the Huggies team had to do was submit a short brief outlining their objectives. This seamless process not only ensured the production of high-quality, culturally resonant content but also allowed the Huggies team to stay focused on their core operations. It effectively bridged the gap between the UK-based brand team and the South African market, demonstrating the power of a well-managed platform in executing successful, geographically distant campaigns.

Through their collaboration with Creatively Squared Huggies was able to achieve their objectives, connecting with ten different local families and photographing nineteen children across six sizes. This resulted in the production of 95 photos featuring babies from the local market for the new packaging. This strategy of using local models allowed Huggies to create a more personal and relatable connection with their South African customers.

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