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Known for their high-quality and affordable products, BIC has become a globally recognized brand with a diverse product portfolio that meets everyday consumer needs through reliable and innovative solutions. BIC's powerful digital presence has enabled them to connect with consumers worldwide, further strengthening their brand.


BIC set out with the objective of developing digital ads for their mega lighters, illustrating multiple applications like a festive Christmas scene, a relaxing bath, and a cozy evening by the fire, specifically designed for their Nordic markets. The company needed original content that placed the lighter in these varying contexts and adaptation of each design for different social placements, as well as in Swedish and Finnish language variations.


By partnering with Creatively Squared, BIC was able to connect with four talented creators who produced original video assets showcasing the products in the desired use-cases. From the footage provided, a selection of clips was chosen to formulate the concept of the hero ads.

Once the brand team was satisfied with these initial ad concepts, each one was deftly adapted for the local markets and placements on different channels by the expert in-house design team. The result was a series of engaging and localized digital ads that effectively displayed BIC's mega lighters in various real-world contexts.

The adaptability of the campaign across different placements and languages, coupled with a visually appealing showcase of the mega lighter's utility, affirmed BIC's position as a leader in its market segment. The partnership with the Creatively Squared platform streamlined BIC's content production process, enabling the company to focus on its core business strategies while maintaining a high standard of digital marketing.

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Creatively Squared offered us quality imagery and videos at unmatched price points, we have been able to cut our eCommerce and Digital content production cost for photos and videos by ~85% and receive content up to four weeks faster than with past partners.

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