Creator Winda transitions from life as a flight attendant to earning her creative wings in content creation

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Creator Winda transitions from life as a flight attendant to earning her creative wings in content creation

Creator Winda Mindari is a kind and creative soul from Cimahi, Indonesia. A former flight attendant, Winda switched careers when she wanted to start a family. Blessed with a beautiful boy, it was an opportunity for Winda to follow her creative passion in photography and content creation.

Winda has a beautiful, soft aesthetic that is easily adaptable to any content she is briefed from adorable baby assets for Huggies to whitening devices for Colgate and everything in between. Winda is both comfortable creating stills and video assets, and has more recently moved into creating UGC assets for our customers.

A very humble creator, Winda speaks of a ‘kindness tree’ which is testament to the creator she is and her wonderful work ethic she has in pursuit of her creative passion. Keep scrolling on to meet Winda for yourself and immerse yourself in her wonderful ways and beautiful style.

Let’s meet Winda!

I am a former flight attendant who had to leave my dream job because of a great desire to have a child. It turned out that the intention came true and I was blessed with a son. Starting from randomly posting what my child consumed when he started eating, sharing baby food recipes on Instagram, I got support from many people who liked the post and finally, I started to pursue and learn photography by myself.

One day I thought about participating in various photography competitions on social media and was very lucky because I was able to win various photo competitions that I participated in. Finally, various offers of product photos came and I lived this profession happily, and for me, this is a profession that I do as a hobby. I feel blessed!

Food and product photography always attracts my attention but doing photoshoots with children is what I like the most. They are very innocent and pure and always look good on camera with any pose.

Winda impressed us with the adorable content she delivered for early projects with our platform and is now one of our high performers. Source: Creatively Squared

Where Winda’s journey with Creatively Squared began

One day I got an email from the Creatively Squared team. At first, I was hesitant because it was an offer to work on an international project and I thought it would be difficult, so I ignored the first email I received. However, a Creatively Squared team member sent another email at a different time so I started to give myself some confidence - I accepted the offer and I received my first project. Until now, I am still so grateful that I had the chance to become part of Creatively Squared.

Winda’s fun lifestyle content for our customer Häagen-Dazs, despite the challenges of styling ice cream. Source: Creatively Squared

The most challenging project with Creatively Squared so far is the Häagen-Dazs project, and it's really hard to choose which one I like the most because all the projects and the people involved work together so well. But if I had to really choose, the Huggies Middle East project was the one I enjoyed the most.

The adorable content Winda produced for Huggies, one of her favourite projects so far. Source: Creatively Squared

Tools of the trade

I use a Canon eos RP and Canon eos M50. I have a tripod as well. For editing, I use Snapseed app and I only use a smartphone for all editing purposes.

My fave props are magazines, flowers, and blankets. I often work at my mini studio at home but for certain projects, I usually rent a house that can be used for photoshoots.

Winda’s mini home studio. Source: Winda Mindari

Winda’s creative process

Before I start shooting, I make handwritten scribbles of how I want to pull off my shoot. During the shoot, I have 2-3 kind-hearted people that always help me with wide open arms :)

When I want to get into the creative zone, I find myself often getting inspired while driving and listening to music. I usually get inspired scrolling the feeds of @munchypixels and @skillettoplate too.

Winda’s creative process for Pantene Japan from sketch design to the final assets, often featuring her kind-hearted friends. Source: Winda Mindari and Creatively Squared


Top creative tips

Get enough sleep and look for photo inspirations on Pinterest and from other content creators.

The main thing is to bring joy while working on it. A happy mind is a happy soul that makes us work without a burden.

What’s next for Winda?

I want to learn more about artificial light.

A sample of Winda’s beautiful style that first caught the eye of our projects team and invited her to join our platform. Source: Winda Mindari

Thank you Winda for sharing your creative journey with us. We really do appreciate you and all you have contributed to our creator platform so far. If you want to follow Winda’s journey and see more of her stunning content, follow her on her Instagram. Join our creator community platform here and rub shoulders with creators like Winda.

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