From passion to profession, discover how creator Anikesh has grown his brand photography career

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From passion to profession, discover how creator Anikesh has grown his brand photography career

Anikesh Banik is a talented lifestyle and product photographer hailing from India. He discovered his passion for photography as a teenager taking pictures of people. This passion was so strong that he decided to leave college to focus on photography full-time.

As many creators can relate to, Anikesh’s journey took a new turn during the pandemic. He found himself dabbling in more in still life and flatlay photography, and capturing everyday items like food and products in an artistic way. He tapped into a new form of creativity making significant milestones in not only his photography career but personal passions.

Today, Anikesh is a leading member of Creatively Squared. Demonstrating immense talent in both product and lifestyle photography, he has contributed to major campaigns with global brands such as Durex, Vaseline, Oral-B, and Veet in collaboration with our platform. Anikesh continues to impress us as a versatile creator who happily to embraces any customer brief with creative enthusiasm and professionalism.

Let's learn more about Anikesh's journey and how he keeps finding new ways to be creative.

Let’s chat with Anikesh

Hey, I’m Anikesh. My story of getting into photography is pretty interesting (according to me at least) - I was in college, and it was the time when the pandemic hit. Just like everyone else, I was on home arrest for about 6 months, and it was during that period that I started clicking flatlays of food, accessories and clothes.

As a teenager I was always into photography, and I used to like clicking human portraits. It fascinated me how a small piece of art can capture the layered emotions of a living being. After a lot of thinking and courage, one morning I woke up and decided to drop out of college and pursue photography as a career.

At that time, I was doing a job as a proofreader, and with the little money I saved, I bought a new camera and let myself into the vast world of photography.

I had my fair share of hurdles in the journey due to the fact that I am from the northeastern region of India, where photography hasn't yet prevailed. So much so that I had to get into the wedding photography business too.

As far as my day job is concerned, I am currently working on getting one. I had just finished my graduation this August. Yeah, I did complete my graduation after taking a 1-year break.

Starting as a portrait photographer, Anikesh has found another passion in product photography having fun styling for our customers such as Vaseline. Source: Creatively Squared

My favourite genre of photography is actually still-life products, as it provides some sort of challenge in terms of styling and handling, making the product more appealing to the eyes. It's easier to style humans than products, whether they be food, beauty products, or even beverages.

My personal aesthetic as a photographer would be a meticulous attention to detail, a clean and crisp presentation, an emphasis on stylish and minimalist compositions, and a creative approach to making products visually appealing.

Anikesh has a natural ability to capture the essence of brands like Whisper and Vaseline. Source: Creatively Squared

Journey with Creatively Squared

Actually, Creatively Squared found me through Instagram and gave me such an opportunity to work with big brands, which I could only imagine working for and not actually achieving. I am so glad we crossed paths, and thanks to the Creatively Squared Team for paving such a road for me.

I have had the pleasure of working on three noteworthy projects.

Vaseline India: This was my first big project, and I was granted full creative freedom, which initially brought some stress. However, the result was immensely rewarding, and I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process.

Anikesh’s beautiful visual assets for Vaseline instantly impressed us. Source: Creatively Squared

Oral-B: While this project didn't pose significant challenges, it did involve styling an electric toothbrush in a minimal yet attractive manner, offering a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

Veet Women: My most recent project required a comprehensive effort as I was tasked with creating lifestyle video content featuring Veet Women products, particularly focused on producing a hair removal video. This was my entry into product videography, a prospect that thrilled and simultaneously intimidated me due to the numerous obstacles encountered during the shoot.

Anikesh’s successful leap into videography for Veet Women. Source: Creatively Squared

Tools of the trade

I primarily shoot with a Sony A7III camera and a 50mm lens, which I stabilize with a Digitek tripod. To light my scenes, I use Godox lighting equipment, specifically the SL 60W and SL 100D models. In post-processing, I use industry-standard software tools such as Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop for editing and enhancing my photographic compositions.

Anikesh’s home studio setup. Source: @the13megapixel

When it comes to props, I could never get sick of props, and there are still so many more props out there to acquire. With every shoot I do, I acquire new props, yet it feels like I am so lacking in them! Product risers are my go-to props, being so versatile in nature, but I honestly can’t decide on a favourite prop!

When shooting, my preferred backdrop is my bedroom, my home studio, as this is where I shoot all my products, and this is where my photography journey began.


Anikesh’s creative process

I actively engage in prior planning and storyboarding for each project. However, there are occasions when spontaneous creativity and improvisation come into play, resulting in the creation of content in the moment.

How Anikesh turns his sketch into reality for one of his own customers. Source: @the13megapixel

Every time I face creative blocks, I overcome them by taking a break and going to a sunset viewpoint while listening to soothing music and having a cup of tea.

As a one-man team, given the opportunity to grow further in the future, I am looking forward to building a team of my own.

Finding inspiration

My favourite creator for inspiration is Dishank from @studiioplaya. Our initial interaction occurred soon after my introduction to the Creatively Squared Community. I was so inspired reading about his own creative journey and brand collaborations with the platform.

Read Dishank’s interview here

Top creative tip

Understanding the product and then starting to analyze the composition, colour palette, and lighting are the keys to creating great imagery.

What’s next for you?

This year has presented challenges, notably the most significant creative block I've experienced, largely due to the pressures of my finals. To address this issue, I am committed to enhancing my time management skills. My goal is to actively seek and engage additional projects while maintaining a constant commitment to delivering high-quality work.

Thank you Anikesh for being a reliable and amazing contributor to the Creatively Squared creator community. Your creativity has not gone unnoticed!

If you would like to check out Anikesh and his creative work, visit his Instagram @the13megapixel or his portfolio on Behance.

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