Architectural experience trains Dishank's eye in contrast and composition

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Architectural experience trains Dishank's eye in contrast and composition

Creativity meets efficiency in the photography studio of Dishank Shah. Organised and focused, Dishank is meticulous planner with a keen eye for detail.

Growing up in a vibrant textile producing area of India helped develop Dishank's appreciation for bright colours and high contrast tones. He later gained experience as an architect which finely tuned his understanding of space, light and framing. All of these elements and skills are now successfully applied to his work in photography.

The unique impact of this combined influence is ever apparent in Dishank's aesthetic which favours bold colours in minimal and harmonious compositions, every item in frame has a place and purpose.

Scroll down to find out more about Dishank, see examples of his work and understand his creative process.

Meet Dishank

I am an Indian Architect turned photographer who loves the idea of portraying stories and narratives through pixels and lenses.

Being born in the Textile hub of my country-Surat, I grew up amidst flamboyant fabrics and their textures, shades, tints and patterns.

While studying in the School of Architecture, I learnt the basics of spatial composition and technical principles of composition and framing. With my architectural training, I perceive and understand space along with the drama and the light with nature as the backdrop.

A glimpse into Dishank's architectural eye. Source: @dishank.shah0050

My Creative Journey

I found out about Creatively Squared from Instagram and I was amazed by their tutorials, photography hacks and list of creators.

Dishank's work for Gillette. Source: Creatively Squared

My favourite genres of content creation to work on is varied: Food photography, product photography, architecture photography and cosmetics photography just to name a few.

My personal aesthetic sense is minimal, bold, and clean. I try to keep things as clear and loud as possible and I like to play with bold colours, contrast and shadows.

Clean and colour perfect styling for Ponds. Source: Creatively Squared

My favourite project would be Suave shoot, where I had to play with harsh light and shadows, which I literally love. The most difficult project would be Charlie banana shoot, which I am currently working on. It's really challenging to get expression out of babies and understanding them but it's a unique experience.

Fresh and vibrant content for Suave by Dishank. Source: Creatively Squared


Tools of the trade

My primary gear is Sony A73 and my go to lenses are Sony 50mm macro and Sony 90mm macro, for lights I use Godox AD200, Godox FV150 and Godox SL60w.

Generally I prefer to shoot indoors with artificial lights but occasionally the sun and its impressive light quality indulges me in outdoor shoots.

My go-to props are solid white cubes and transparent acrylic sheets along with solid backdrops.

Dishank's use of a white platform to elevate the Venus Snap. Source: Creatively Squared

Most of time I shoot in my studio place, which is very calm, comfortable and serene, provided with ample storage and pleasant working environment. Luckily, I am blessed with several superstar assistants on occasions (thanks Deep, Parth, Kevin, Vibhor and Saumya). They are very creative, collaborative and they are always as excited as me for any new challenges that come our way.

Dishank's studio space. Source: Dishank Shah

Dishank's process

Planning is a very essential and imperative part of each and every project. Each opportunity brings with it new endeavours and these can only be accomplished with proper planning, to maximise efficiency. I love to plan each and every small detail of the shoot. According to me, the shoot is only as good as its planning. A good plan keeps you focused while working and allows the flow to continue.

Dishank's storyboard process. Source: Dishank Shah

Music and motivational podcasts are a full time source of energy and motivation to me.

My favourite creators for inspiration are Amanda from @amandacampeanu and Brandon from @figandlight. I really love their lighting techniques and compositions.

Dishank's top tips

Composition, colour palette, and lighting elements are the soul of any picture. Primarily understand the product or subject and then start building a story around it. It helps you conceptualize several ideas and theories.

Dishank's story telling work for Venus. Source: Creatively Squared

This year I want to learn large scale video production and I would like to improve upon my lighting skills and composition in product photography.

A sample of Dishank's personal work. Source: @dishankshah_

Follow along Dishank's product photography journey at @dishankshah_ and check out his architectural and travel photography at @dishank.shah0050.

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