Bring beautiful bokeh effects to your photos with Lightroom’s new Lens Blur features

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Kin Meng
Bring beautiful bokeh effects to your photos with Lightroom’s new Lens Blur features

Need to add some artistic blur to your images? The latest Lightroom update introduces Lens Blur, an easy way to achieve gorgeous bokeh effects right within the app.

With the new Lens Blur tools, you can:

Apply various bokeh styles

Lightroom offers different bokeh options - Circle, Soap Bubble, 5-blade, Ring, or Cat's Eye - allowing you to pick the style you want.

Precisely control the blur amount

You’re in full control over the intensity of the blur. Adjust it from subtle to extreme depending on the focus effect you’re aiming for.

Set custom focal ranges

The Focal Range slider enables you to determine what areas stay in focus. It allows you control both the background and the foreground blur.

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