How to add dimension to your product photos with shadows

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Melanie Chang
How to add dimension to your product photos with shadows

Adding realistic shadows to products in Photoshop is an easy way to make them appear more three-dimensional and eye-catching. With just a few quick steps, you can give any product image depth and dimension.

Step 1: Import your image/ product

Step 2: Position the product and create a duplicate layer of the product

Step 3: Add a color overlay to the product and use a color that is a darker shade of the background

Step 4: Make sure the shadow layer is behind the product image layer

Step 5: Go to Filter > Blur Gallery > Path Blur

Step 6: Uncheck “Centered Blur” and adjust the path of the shadow

Step 7: Play around with the settings until you have the shadow you like

Step 8: Click OK on the upper right and you are done!

The end result is a quick yet realistic drop shadow effect! This easy Photoshop technique can make products really stand out in just a few minutes.



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