Defy gravity with these top techniques to create a levitating product photo

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Defy gravity with these top techniques to create a levitating product photo

We often think about photographing products just the way we see them: placed on the ground or a surface. However, as a creatively minded person, you may wish to challenge this perspective by making your audience look at something from a completely different viewpoint.

Why capture the ordinary when you could create a unique conceptual image where your subject is seen suspended in mid-air?

To help you to learn how to achieve magical feats in product and food photography we’ve gathered six different techniques from the creative wizards in our community — no Hogwarts education required!

Taking a levitating shot requires a little bit of extra set up and time in post-production, but it sure is worth it.  Are you ready to raise your creative spirits and master the art of levitation?

Suspend your subject from strings

One of the most accessible methods is to simply hang your subject matter from thin strings or fishing line. All you need is to position a pole above your set and tie the strings onto it.  Once you’ve photographed your final image, or its components, you can remove the strings in post-production.

Julia from @voronovajulia3 used thin strings for this setup

Balance your subject on a wire

Another way to make your subject levitate is by balancing them on top of wires, this technique is particularly useful if you want to separate an item that has multiple layers.

Oksana from @maistofotografe used this technique to get creative with a stack of french toast and edited the wires out afterward in post-production.

Prop it up on a platform

Don’t have any strings or wires? Use a glass or other item from your home to position your product on top. You’ll also need to take a photo of your scene without the product and platform, as well as any other props to include in your final composition.

In this image by Khushboo from @mother.of.reinvention, she taped a satay stick behind the product to help align the best angle using the glass underneath to create a more stable and in focus image.


Lay it down on an acrylic glass

This clever technique is actually an optical illusion where nothing is actually suspended in mid-air at any stage. To get this effect you’ll just need to elevate a piece of clear acrylic or glass and arrange your subject matter on top.

Watch this quick video tutorial by Eka from @kulniyasally and read our blog on this simple camera hack to create a levitating flatlay with no strings attached

Skewer your product onto a stick

You can use sticks such as skewers or cutlery and hold them in frame by hand or with a clamp to photograph each item at the perfect angle.

Mario from @mkc.reative cleverly used tape to attach forks to a pole for this image of cream drenched strawberries

Use your hands (and Photoshop!)

If you are skilled at Photoshop and post-production a simple way to achieve a floating effect is just to hold each item in place with your hands.

Sally from used this technique to create her images by photographing each item separately and then combining them to create a final composite image.

As you can see from these examples the secret behind creating attention-grabbing levitating images is actually not that complicated and there are many different ways you can create a gravity defying effect.

You could even combine one technique with another or create your own method - whatever works best for you to create one final conceptual masterpiece!

Need more tips and tricks on how to elevate your photography skills? Be sure to join our creative community at @creativelysquared where you can learn from other creators.

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