Inspiring Creators

Visual Content Creation

Food photographer Sandy finds satisfaction in new techniques

Food stylist and photographer Sandy Wood serves up visual stories from the kitchen to table - often with a cheeky tipple on the side!

Visual Content Creation

How losing her sight led this artist to find new creative passion and focus

Find out how Pamela overcame losing two vital senses and found a new way to channel her creative energy—and anger—into something positive

Visual Content Creation

Easing chronic pain with a daily dose of creativity

What would you do if you could only get out of bed for an hour a day? Dutch creator Ellen uses this time to produce exuberant and joyful art

Visual Content Creation

Making the switch from photography 'side hustle' to full time gig

Kelly worked as medical sales rep while growing her creative business. Find out how she made the switch to working for herself full-time.

Visual Content Creation

SketchUp your next creative idea from concept to composite

Discover how Farah expresses her visual ideas by combining professional software experience with personal creative projects.

Visual Content Creation

Overcoming creative challenges with courage and confidence

Creatively Squared content creator Joe boldly pursues getting the perfect shot and isn't afraid to ask for help - or permission!

Visual Content Creation

Balancing a private life and public persona on Instagram

Patti Schmidt is a photographer and mother of four from New Jersey who captures the essence of her family life in her images

Visual Content Creation

Family chaos gives photographer her best creative ideas

Khushboo loves to tell photographic stories with shadows, her family and Photoshop wizardry from her home in Nagpur, India.

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