Inspiring Creator Series: Harsha from Harsha Sipani Photography

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Inspiring Creator Series: Harsha from Harsha Sipani Photography

Harsha from @harshasipani is an award winning food and product photographer based in North Carolina. Hailing from a digital media and graphic design background, Harsha’s appetite for photography has grown since the pandemic and she has made the progression to photography full time. Her work has been recognised by the Foodelia International Food Photographers Awards, where she has won an impressive 10 times.

A long time community member and supporter of Creatively Squared, Harsha’s has also become somewhat of a creative ambassador inspiring foodies through her own community @lensandtable. She leads by example and relishes in pushing her creative boundaries to the limits and loves to try new things.

Harsha has inspired us with some of the most memorable tips and hacks over the years. Her creative feats, generous manner, and engaging nature have quickly built her a following that continues to grow with every creative idea she shares.

One of Harsha’s most memorable creative and gravity defying feats, well loved by our community. Source: @harshasipani

We virtually sat down with Harsha to find out more about her creative journey so far and what inspires her to share her creative wealth. Keep scrolling to feast your eyes on some of Harsha’s most memorable feats.

Meet Harsha Sipani

Hey Harsha! We'd love to find out how you got started as a food photographer?

Hi there, I'm Harsha and I'm based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. At the start of the pandemic in 2020, I began shooting photos of home-cooked meals and recipes, and soon developed my own personal style. Deciding on a career in photography in 2021 was the easiest choice I've ever made, and I currently work out of my home studio.

What are some things people might not know about you?

I love to dance, paint and solve puzzles.

What equipment do you currently use to produce your images and video?

I currently shoot with the NikonZ5 with FTZ Adapter and Neewer Tripod. My favourite lenses are the 50mm, 85mm and 105mm. For lighting I use a variety, TT600's, SL60W, FV160 AND AD400.

Do you have a favourite lighting setup?

One light setup is usually my favourite kind of lighting with reflectors or black cards.

Can we see some more behind-the-scenes shots of your studio in action?

Watch Harsha in action with this simple lighting setup for her product photography. Source: @harshasipani

Do you have any advice to share with aspiring photographers?

Practice, Practice…and keep Practicing.

Your reels are really fun, any advice for creatives wanting to produce this type of content?

I believe in having fun and enjoying the creative process, because the rest will follow your way!


Where do you find inspiration for your own work?

I am inspired by others and love following Joanie from the The Bite Shot and Amanda Campeneau for their YouTube content, courses and inspirational content. I also love the work of Vera Change (editorial), Natalie Okoneshnikova (food photography) and Daria Kalugina aka Contrse (conceptual food photography).

Harsha loves to push the creative boundaries with her food and product photography. Source: @harshasipani  

What are your top go-to props to use on shoots?

My top three props are robot arms, tacky tape and my acrylic tray - all essential items for pulling off creative hacks.

and lastly, we'd love to know - what's next for you?

I want to delve into commercial product videography and more beauty portraits.

Thank you Harsha for taking some time out to chat with us. We would also like to thank you for being a long term member and supporter of our community as well as inspiring our community with some of our most memorable features. You can follow along with Harsha’s journey at @harshasipani or pop over to her website to learn more about Harsha’s work. She has also just launched her own YouTube channel too sharing in depth photography tips and inspiration.

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