Creating delicious content is a piece of cake for food photographer Theresia Lee

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Marisa Young
Creating delicious content is a piece of cake for food photographer Theresia Lee

Theresia Lee is a baker and mother from Singapore who enjoys cooking up deliciously good creative content.

This plant loving, recipe sharing mama to two boys has quickly become an important member of our creator team producing some stunning assets for our customers in her signature beautiful, clean aesthetic. Not only has Theresia contributed some mouth-watering images, she has delved into some hunger inducing video content as well.

Keep scrolling down to meet the delightful Theresia and feast on her creative style.

Let’s meet Theresia

Hey, it’s Theresia! I’m a homemaker who likes to bake, cook and take pictures of beautiful things around me with my iPhone. Initially, I just posted photos of my cakes and food on Instagram for fun. But over time I started getting some collaboration opportunities to share my creations from photos to videos.

In December 2021, I finally bought a DSLR camera so I can produce higher quality photos and videos. I like to describe my style of photos as simple, clean, and minimalist.

When I’m not busy cooking or baking, and taking photos, I’m busy with my two sons.

Theresia and her two boys who often feature in her content. Source: @the_isia

My Creatively Squared journey

I got a lovely message from Kate, a project manager, asking if I would be interested in joining. After checking the website and Instagram, and seeing the quality of the work done, I was challenged to join in myself. My comfort zone is food styling, but I’m also open to home decor/appliances and lifestyle projects.

When working with Creatively Squared, the most challenging projects I received were SmartyPants vitamins and Dutch Lady Milk for toddlers. Both involved children aged 5 and below and the most difficult aspect was directing the child to pose or do certain things for the shots.

Theresia’s clean and simple content for Dutch Lady Milk. Source: Creatively Squared
Whilst busy scrolling through Instagram for some fresh faces for a foodie project I had coming up, I stumbled upon Theresia’s profile. Her light and airy aesthetic caught my eye at once and I was excited at the prospect of working with her. Well, Theresia definitely did not disappoint. The images she produced were on brief, on brand, well styled and crystal clear. After that very first project for Anchor butter, she has been regularly booked for various foodie and lifestyle projects again and again this year! I absolutely love working with Theresia, I know that each and every time the assets I get back will be beautifully styled and fantastic quality. Theresia is also incredible reliable and always punctual. It’s a true joy to work with Theresia and I can’t wait to throw the next brief her way! - Kate Wilson, Senior Account Manager at Creatively Squared

Theresia has also tried her hand at video content for Chesdale. Source: Creatively Squared

Tools of the Trade

I use a Fuji X-S10, tripod, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. For my lighting, I thank the sun for giving me natural light!

My favourite props to work with are kitchenware, flowers, and home items and my favourite shoot locations are the kitchen, dining area and living room.

As a one-man team, I usually plan ahead my shoot in advance and create a storyboard.

Theresia nails her aesthetically clean, minimalist style - what she does best. Source: @the_isia


My creative process and inspiration

Whenever I need inspiration, Instagram is my go-to website to visit. I look up to Rachel Korinek from @twolovesstudio when it comes to food photography.

Creative baking served up by Theresia. Source: @the_isia

Top creative tips

You don’t have to follow other people’s styles. You can find some inspiration from others, but don’t copy. Be your own self and find the best style that suits you best. Then you will have your own style that is different than the others.

My other tip is to read the brief. I made some mistakes with the photo orientation on my first project because I didn’t read the brief carefully.

Theresia nailed her pilot project and these Cherry Blossom Butter Cookies to celebrate CNY for Fonterra Anchor. Source: Creatively Squared

What’s next for Theresia?

So far I have only learnt about photography from university and more recently from YouTube so I plan to take a photo course to improve my photography. I also want to learn more about and improve my lighting setup.

It would also be my dream to collaborate with a well-known international brand!

Thank you Theresia for sharing your journey with Creatively Squared so far, and those delectable treats too! Pop to Theresia’s Instagram @the_isia to digest all her creativity, and the recipes!

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