Picture perfect creativity leads product photographer Illham to his big break with global brands

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Picture perfect creativity leads product photographer Illham to his big break with global brands

Hailing from Indonesia, Illham Triyastanto certainly lives up to his name as an inspiring creative. The exceptionally talented product photographer is the talent behind Kamara Studio and has the dedication and passion to take his craft to amazing heights.

Having stumbled across our platform scrolling for creative ideas, Illham saw the benefits of joining a community platform like Creatively Squared. Aspirations to shoot for global brands, Illham realised the potential of our platform as the steeping stone to add big name international brands to his growing portfolio.

Illham dived straight into the spirit of the community, sharing his own work and inspiring his fellow creators with his knowledge and beautiful execution. His highly polished style and creative setups quickly caught our eye and he was soon deep diving into his first project, a wonderful water play brief for Cetaphil. Illham quickly made a splash and he is now one of our go-to creators, building his portfolio with more big brand customers like OLAY and Aveeno.

Keep scrolling down to get to know Illham more and absorb his passion for creativity too.

Let’s meet Illham

Hi, I’m Illham Triyastanto! I first started photography in 2009 while still in college. It was just for fun stuff like vacation and perpetuating my hobbies. But in 2013, I got an internship opportunity at a local magazine and from there I started working in photography. After that, I started doing product photography in mid-2019 and started working for several local brands in my area. In 2020, I started running my own studio called Kamara Studio.

My favourite genre in photography is product photography, and I like using elegant and minimalist style to make my piece. But mostly I'll adapt my style to client briefs.

Journey with Creatively Squared

I found Creatively Squared in my Instagram explore tab when I was looking for some inspiration for some projects. From there, I was attracted to how the community has a great opportunity for me to connect with other creators from other countries and have the opportunity to work on many big brands in the world.

Illham made a splash with his first project for our customer Cetaphil. Source: Creatively Squared

I would say all projects from Creatively Squared are enjoyable for me. But one challenging project was when I photographed Olay HYA products, because they have some reflective edges on the top. That part took me a lot of time to make sure the reflection was really good and perfect.

Even though he found it challenging, Illham nailed the brief for OLAY and captured his process along the way. Source: Creatively Squared and Illham Triyastanto

Tools of the Trade

I use a Sony A7iv and mostly shoot with my favorite 90mm Sony G master lens. For editing, I use Adobe Photoshop.

I love working in my own home studio and my favorite props to use during shoot are fresh properties like flowers, moss, fruit, and water.

Illham’s creative process

Whenever I have a photoshoot, I usually make a shot list for production day so that it can be a special guide for me when shooting. I am thankful for my small team here who help me prepare and shoot.

If I want to get into the creative zone, I listen to music that I like. Usually, I listen to pop-punk or heavy metal to lift my mood too.

Finding inspiration

When it comes to finding inspiration, I usually look up to @the_mrjk, @cindy_clauds, and @rikkyfernandes.

Top creative tip

The tip is to always enrich yourself with references. References can come from watching art exhibitions, reading magazines, surfing the internet, or going on vacation.

Illham captured his process and stunning texture play for Aveeno. Source: Creatively Squared and Illham Triyastanto

What’s next for Illham?

I'd really like to learn how to make 3D designs as well as animations, because I think it helps make all my digital imaging work easier.

Thank you Illham for sharing your amazing work and inspiring the creative community with your incredible creativity and masterful technique!

Be sure to follow Illham’s creative journey by visiting his Instagram @illhamt and

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