A simple guide to creating enticing UGC skincare videos for brands

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A simple guide to creating enticing UGC skincare videos for brands

If you're keen on sharing your skincare passion on social media, this step-by-step guide is for you. I'm here to walk you through a clear, no-fuss method for creating UGC skincare videos, featuring video clips produced by Anoora. This simple guide focuses on making your content visually appealing and informative, ensuring it's both easy to watch and full of helpful tips whilst championing the brand.

Ready to engage your audience with effective and informative skincare content?

1. Start with the branding

Begin your video with a clear shot of the skincare product. This is crucial for setting the stage. Ensure that the brand's labelling is the focus. This not only helps in immediate brand recognition but also gives your video a professional touch right from the start. Good lighting and a clean background will make the product pop.

2. Highlight the product's texture

Next, transition into a close-up of the product being dispensed. This is where you get to showcase the unique texture of the skincare item, be it creamy, gel-like, or any other consistency. This visual is key to engaging viewers who are curious about the look and feel of the product before they try it themselves, and everybody loves a textural shot!

3. Demonstrate the application

Now, it's showtime! Apply the product to your face and hands. This segment is where your personal experience with the product shines through. As you apply it, consider talking about or displaying text that describes how it feels on your skin, it’s scent, or any other qualities you notice. Be genuine – authenticity is at the heart of UGC.

Top tip: For an aesthetically pleasing result have clean, neutral nails or a nail polish that complements the product and have your hair neatly off your face.


4. Close with the packaging

To conclude, bring the focus back to the product's packaging. This reinforces the brand’s identity and leaves a lasting impression of the product in the viewer's mind. It's like saying, "Here’s what you should look for when you want to try it out for yourself!"

And Voilà!

There you have it – a simple yet effective UGC skincare video. Remember, the key is to be authentic and enjoy the process. Your genuine enthusiasm for the product is what will truly resonate with your audience. Here's the final output I edited for Pond's courtesy of Anoora's videos. I would love to see yours!

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