Creator Jitz takes his visual craft to new levels of creative genius

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Creator Jitz takes his visual craft to new levels of creative genius

Jitz Lim is a multi-skilled creative professional that has provided a wealth of inspiration, educational tips and tasty eye candy to the community and clients of Creatively Squared.

The humble creator from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a self proclaimed “regular guy chasing his dream in the creative world”. However, if you ask the team at Creatively Squared, Jitz is not your average photographer and has well and truly earned his affectionate nickname of ‘Creative Genius’.

As one of the original creators to join our platform, Jitz has completed an impressive 54 content creation projects for Creatively Squared customers, alongside working on content delivery to ensure quality control for our creative team.

Jitz is a master of many genres from lifestyle to product photography creating premium branded content for Tiger, Google, Gillette and Huggies just to name a few.

In addition to the incredible images and video created for clients, Jitz has also been very generous in sharing his expertise with the community. Jitz has helped others by crafting creative tutorials working with accessible props such as paper, mirrors and platforms, as well as sharing technical tips for product videography and producing stop motion videos.

Scroll down to get to know this ‘lejit’ creative genius more and be inspired to be bold too.

Let’s meet Jitz

Hi, I’m Jitz! I was hooked to cameras at a very young age. I became fascinated with how a camera works and how it could freeze a moment that's gone forever and turn it into something that you own forever.

Basically, I like to dip my toes in every genre of photography but if I have to choose one, I would choose product photography, specifically alcoholic beverages. Sip, sip, click!

Jitz has enjoyed producing memorable assets for Tiger over his Creatively Squared journey. Source: Creatively Squared

I like to describe my personal aesthetic as bold. I love loud colours and contrasts.

Jitz brings the bold and the contrast to his Suave assets. Source: Creatively Squared

Jitz’s journey with Creatively Squared

I was first introduced to Creatively Squared by a friend of mine. He was telling me all about this passionate and supportive community and platform that opens doors for us creators to bigger opportunities. I immediately joined and it was the best decision I've ever made!

One of the most challenging projects that I've worked on was for Huggies. I still remember I filled 2 x 64GB memory cards in 2 hours trying to get the perfect shot of my nephew running around and getting him to pose.

Jitz nailed his Huggies content staring his nephew even though it was a challenging project. Source: Creatively Squared

Tool of the trade

I mainly use the Sony a7Rii for all my photos. As for videos, I would use the Sony a6500 for its slow-mo capabilities. My usual workflow for photo editing is I would bulk edit all photos in Lightroom and then touch up in Photoshop.

I love working from my home studio as I have everything already set up (cameras, tripod and lighting) and recreating scenes like bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom out of props and backgrounds.

Jitz home studio setup. Source: Jitz Lim

Jit’z creative process

I usually make my image magic happen in my home studio and Photoshop. And every time I shoot, I just wing it most of the time.

During photoshoots, I have my wife, Cheryl, who is my hand model, tripod, light stand, and hair dryer holder (for water ripple shots). I can't imagine a photoshoot without her!

If I want to get into my creative zone, scrolling through Pinterest and Behance really helped me in getting into the creative headspace. Also, I usually have Retrowave/Outron playlist on Spotify playing in the background.


Who inspires Jitz

I have always admired @andycurriestudio on Instagram!

Top creative tip

My top creative tip would be to invest and learn about lighting and how it works. Without light, there will be no picture.

Jitz is constantly experiments with his lighting setup and techniques, and is generous in sharing his behind the scenes. Source: Jitz Lim

Visit Jitz’s blog on creative lighting techniques in product photography.

What’s next?

My goal this year would be to learn more about 3D motion and animation.

An example of Jitz’s street photography, one of his many creative passions. Source: Jitz Lim

Thank you Jitz for sharing your creative journey with us and contributing your expertise to our community. We are so grateful your generosity and creativity, and seeing what the future holds for you. Follow his own creativity on his Instagram or say hello in our creator community.

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