Top ways to achieve commercial photography effects using just paper

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Jitz Lim
Top ways to achieve commercial photography effects using just paper

When it comes to achieving pro-level commercial effects in product photography - Paper is your secret creative weapon!

Paper can be used in myriad ways and is a practical and inexpensive medium to use in your creative photoshoots. Watch our video demonstrations and find out how you can get creative with paper into your next project.

Create flow with curves

Simply lay a sheet of paper in the background and gently push the paper at one end creating smooth and soft waves in the background.

Add some elegance

Create contrast and depth between the background and your subject by gently twisting your paper. This instantly highlights the product's color and silhouette!

Get edgy with angles

Use the corners of your paper to direct attention toward your subject. With the help of some risers, lay plain colored papers at different heights and angles.

Create definition and texture

Add detail with a crumpled background. You can achieve this look with simple brown paper or with leftover wrap from Christmas!

Celebrate with curls and twirls!

It's party time! Curl some paper strips up with a cardboard roll and create these fun confetti textures.

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