Achieve an artistic effect with the Mixer Brush in Photoshop

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Sammy Wong
Achieve an artistic effect with the Mixer Brush in Photoshop

The Mixer Brush tool in Photoshop lets you blend colors on your canvas like a real painter. This powerful feature can transform your photos by adding brushstroke textures and unique touches not possible with standard brushes.


  1. Create an overlay of the subject and an empty layer.
  2. Select Mixer Brush Tool and adjust the Brush Settings.
  3. Hold Alt or Option, then click on the area from which you want the brush to sample a colour or texture in your image.
  4. Start painting on the empty layer.
  5. Enhance your image by adding shadow behind the subject and hiding some part of the subject to give a sense of depth.

Experiment with different brush settings and techniques to create anything from a delicate watercolor look to bold impasto textures. The Mixer Brush takes some practice but can give striking artistic effects.

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