Create a colour block platform illusion

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Create a colour block platform illusion

Want to have a fun and easy alternative to using risers or platforms in product photography? One simple way to recreate a platform effect is by using coloured (or textured) pieces of paper to create an optical illusion.

This technique is easy-to-do and is a fun exercise in creative visual  effects. Let’s show you how to create a fun platform illusion using just coloured paper!

Let's get colorful!

Start with few sheets of paper that are different and have contrasting colours. You can also use pieces of textured paper.

Create the illusion

Simply arrange your paper to form the illusion of a coloured block that you'll be placing your object onto.

Camera positioning

Set up your camera on a tripod and have the camera positioned to 30° off a top-down angle.

Set the aperture between f11-f16

Since we'll be shooting on an angle, use a small aperture value to keep the contents of your photo in focus.

Straighten the lines up

Turn on the camera's grid guidelines to ensure your paper is aligned correctly to achieve your illusion.


Align your object on the platform

Place your object on the corner of your paper at a slight angle for a perfect illusion. You can use foil or blu tack to prop it up if necessary.

Shaping the shadow

Adjust the placement of your light source (or simply rotate your angled papers) to control the direction of your object’s shadow.

Capture your illusion

This is such an easy technique for an impactful image. Try it out with different objects, positions and colors.

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