Alexandra's visual storytelling will transport you on a journey of wanderlust

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Marisa Young
Alexandra's visual storytelling will transport you on a journey of wanderlust

Alexandra Barnes is a passionate travel photographer and writer from New Canaan, Connecticut.

The nature lover and natural light chaser is happiest when practising her photography in the great outdoors. Alexandra's love of travel and creative storytelling has well prepared her for a career in product and brand photography.

Despite admitting that focusing on the product rather than the landscape takes her out of her comfort zone, she has a natural talent for transporting the viewer on visual adventures. Alexandra's work with Creatively Squared clients such as Samsonite, High Sierra, and American Tourister has provided her with the perfect opportunity to put her passion for the outdoors to use by creating wanderlust-inspired brand imagery.

Alexandra has embraced her newly discovered talent for brand photography, learning so much from her very first project with Creatively Squared. She has quickly learned valuable techniques to improve her product photography skills, and continues to improve with each project she completes, regardless of the brief.

Scroll down to meet Alexandra and allow her al-fresco visuals to transport you to her creative happy place.

Let’s meet Alexandra

Hey, I’m Alexandra Barnes! I've been snapping photos for almost as long as I can remember, receiving my first camera for my 5th birthday. It was a Fisher-Price Kodak 110 with single-use flashbulbs, and I was hooked the moment I heard that classic "pop!"

My primary focuses are fine art and travel photography (with a side of writing), but I've loved getting out of my comfort zone with product and brand photography. My husband and I love a good road trip to the mountains or the sea, and I can generally be found wandering around outside at any time of year, camera in one hand, a sweet in the other.

I tend to appreciate and focus on simplicity - the little things in life or a scene - in everything I do and create, in a light and bright way. My husband would say that approach matches my personality!

Alexandra is at home capturing the landscape. Source: Alexandra Barnes

Where Alexandra’s journey with Creatively Squared began

Project Manager Kate reached out to me, having found me on Instagram, and invited me to join. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone (it has been!), try my hand at different types of photography, and learn more about the craft.

I love product photography for outdoor goods, but I suppose that's because it's not totally out of my comfort zone as a lover of landscape and natural light (but what photographer doesn't love either of those?!) I love to style food and tablescapes at home, but it's something I'm working on and generally just do for fun.

Wilderness meets product photography - Alexandra’s content for High Sierra’s hiking bags. Source: Creatively Squared

The most challenging project was my first ever which is for Bundaberg Ginger Beer. I was and still am not accustomed to styling food and beverage products, especially creating faux condensation on the bottles! But I'm glad I did it though, getting creative with various outdoor settings and practicing minimal prop use to meet the brief's needs.

Alexandra nailed her first project and the outdoor summer vibes for Bundaberg. Source: Creatively Squared

Tools of the trade

I use a Canon 77D (nothing too fancy!) with a few different lenses, my favorite being a Tamron 35mm 1.4 which I love for product shots, and editing in Lightroom. I use a tripod on occasion, really only for tricky lighting situations or if I'm sneaking in the shot myself!

My all-time favorite props are picnic baskets, blankets and cruiser bicycles though I don't usually get to use any of them for my CS shoots! I'm happy as a clam shooting anything outdoors, especially if I'm in a rural area, by mountains or sea.

Luckily my town has some really great parks and trails which are the perfect primary location for outdoor shoots. I'm also lucky to have a backyard with a variety of backdrop opportunities so it's an easy secondary location. I shoot as much as I can outside - even food!

Alexandra is more than at home photographing in the great outdoors. Source: Creatively Squared


Alexandra’s creative process

Every time I want to get into my “creative zone” all I have to do is pick up my camera and pay attention to the natural filter that enables me to see potential scenes and compositions. Once I take the first picture, it's hard to stop!

Although I'm usually a one-man show, my husband will hold a modifier (on the rare occasion I use one), or help me cart shoot props to a location. I have to give him credit where it's due!

Whenever I have a photoshoot, I create a preliminary shot list outlining the specific scenes and moods I need to capture. On location, it typically and thankfully grows and I end up with more than I imagined.

Alexandra’s lifestyle content for Samsonite’s luggage collaboration with Disney. Source: Creatively Squared

Finding inspiration

I absolutely adore @martemarieforsberg, @corinneparker, and @sjjohnsonphotography to name a few!

Top creative tip

I have to constantly remind myself to take my time, and if I feel frustrated, it's best to take a breather rather than force it.

What’s next for Alexandra this year?

I want to learn and be more confident in portraiture. I'm deathly afraid of photographing humans!

Thank you Alexandra for sharing your journey with Creatively Squared so far with us. We love having you on our creator team ready to take us on wilderness adventures. Follow the adventures of Alexandra (and her pooches) on her Instagram, @byalexandrabarnes.

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