Why you need to participate in hashtag challenges on Instagram

Instagram hashtags are a wonderful way to bring creative people together and unite them for collective art movements and to share inspiration. Organised challenges run by brands and communities are ever popular and a great way to motivate yourself to get creative and be a part of something bigger.

There are a couple different types of Instagram hashtag photo challenges:

Weekly and monthly hashtag challenges

Usually run by a feature account or brand initiative. Participating is very simple just follow the topic or theme and use it as inspiration for creating your image. They are often time limited and always have a deadline for submission. Using the dedicated hashtag and tagging the account give you a chance to win and be featured on their page.

Community hashtag challenges

Organised by a group of creative people. They each contribute a theme or topic and take turns hosting a weekly challenge and connecting like-minded people to a central community account.

There are a multitude of reasons why you should participate in these creative challenges, from finding friends to new forums to share your art. If you aren’t taking part in these initiatives you really are missing out on some golden opportunities to connect and reach new people. While everyone has different motivations for sharing images on Instagram, here are our top reasons for joining the creative fun: 

  • You will gain new followers
    Almost all accounts that run hashtag challenges have story shout outs for participants and feature photos of winners on their feeds. If your work is selected as a featured artist it will be shared to a wide audience allowing them to be introduced to your account and hopefully decide to follow along to see more.

  • You will be inspired and boost up your creativity
    When it comes to being creative we all have a unique perspective and see the same things in different ways. Seeing how others interpret the same prompt can be a wonderfully enriching experience. You can be inspired by the works of other participants and even learn new ways of creating from approaching a prompt to photo editing. 

  • You will meet like-minded people and make new friends
    Joining any kind of hashtag challenges creates an opportunity for you to connect with new people who you share common ground and interests with. It is easy to communicate with others participating in the same challenge as you and if you show your support, leave genuine comments and be kind, you’ll definitely find some new friends along the way.

  • You can be noticed by a brand or business for work or collaboration opportunities
    It’s no secret, that brands are always looking for new channels and creative ways to promote their products. If you challenge yourself to think of great ideas and your content stands out you increase your chances of being noticed by your favourite brands or influencer platforms.

Top 3 hashtag challenges to participate in:

Creatively squared

Creatively Squared is a global creative community and the perfect place to start if you want to get inspired AND learn amazing new creative skills. Each month there is a new overall topic and creative focus which is supported by top notch content and tutorials to help broaden your creative thinking. If that’s not enough, each weekly theme has an expert Instagrammer mentoring and sharing their favourites on the account.

Find out more about how to get involved and take your creativity to new heights!

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THEME ANNOUNCEMENT *** 🌈 C O L O U R M Y W O R L D 🌈*** Are you REDdy to get tickled PINK? Hue hue hue! This week’s conceptual theme is all about colour, but not colour as you know it. We want you to explore and play with colour, and surprise us with the unexpected! Feel free to turn the sky into candy floss colours or some fruit into the colour of sweets. Colour your world with some rainbows and confetti, purple rain or true blue. Get out your paint brushes and wash everything with colour this week. We give you the green light to go bright and vibrant! Our mentor this week is no stranger to colour, and she’s certainly not afraid to show it! It’s Erin from @erinsummer_, even her name invokes colourful connotations. Erin’s colourful captures and edits always brighten my day and she doesn’t shy away from bringing the colour. From turning oranges and avocados rainbow coloured to colouring her world with rainbows and making mural edits like this one, Erin is such a vibrant inspiration to us all to just let go and have fun with colour. So give colour the red carpet treatment this week and invite it into your world. Feel free to blue my mind with your colourful interpretation and let it become a pigment of your imagination...it’s colour week! Happy Colouring! Marisa xx @marisa.young ••• Learn, be inspired, experiment and build a killer content creation portfolio by participating in our creative challenges ——————— Monthly topic: Conceptual month August 12-18 theme ‘Colour My World’ 🌈 Show me the colour! 🌈 To be featured tag your new images with #cs_colourmyworld @creativelysquared ——————— Need inspo? 💡See ‘Conceptual’ highlight for tutorials and resources

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Instagram #HelloFrom

Say #HelloFrom your part of the world. Tell more about the place you live or visited, use this hashtag for the chance to be chosen by Instagram. If they will feature your work on their profile @instagram  with over 300 million followers it will new people over to your page as well as new followers.

Community WHP

A community driven project to embrace and celebrate the creative community on Instagram. Each friday a hashtag/theme will be represented, on account @communitywhp_ , to create from. Everyone can join. It’s an open call to be creative and share with the community. After each weekend an image chosen from the custom hashtag will be shared by this account, and in the stories of those organizing the project. 

To be updated and learn more about new hashtags challenges that are currently running by different account on Instagram, visit @sarah.simple.moments on Instagram for a weekly round-up.