Bring your customers even closer with native digital ad creation

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Ruth Stephensen
Bring your customers even closer with native digital ad creation

We're excited to announce the launch of our new suite of creative products that will help take your brand storytelling to the next level.

Now you can connect with your consumers on a deeper level by transforming your existing photo and video assets into thumb-stopping designs and 6 to 15 second video ad creative.

Our platform is supported by a worldwide community of talented creators and this new output is the next step in our creative journey together. This progression will continue to help generate opportunities for creative people and ensure our customers succeed in hitting their digital goals.

Why are we launching this?

Creatively Squared was founded from the insight that there are many talented creative people around the world capable of producing high-quality work that were being overlooked by traditional content production methods.

As consumer technology has evolved, having a formal education, access to commercial equipment or large social media following is no longer a prerequisite to create great content. In fact, many of the people we admired most were self-taught and focused on growing their creative abilities rather than their follower account.

This creative focus has helped our community refine their technical and visual storytelling skills to create native digital content that harmonises brand requirements with authentic outputs.

Over the past few years, the rest of the world has caught on to the abilities of aspiring creators and we've seen terms like "content creator" and "creator economy" become commonplace. It's become so mainstream that the 'Creator' moniker is currently used to identify a diverse ecosystem of content publishers online. In many cases these labels remain intrinsically entangled with a degree of influence, or those focused on audience growth, and does not correlate with creative output or technical ability.

In our pursuit of the world's best creative talent, we've continued to grow and recruit to our platform and our creator community now encompasses 50+ markets worldwide. Together we've produced tens of thousands of assets and are fortunate to support many of the world's largest brands - in addition to some of the most exciting emerging and fast-growing ones. It's clear that our method of producing localised branded content with talented freelance content creators works - our average project rating over the past year is 4.7 / 5.

In many-cases the photos are videos we provide are ready to publish as they are, but often they are one piece of a more strategic output that requires further creative wizardry. Completing and streamlining this entire process for brands was a problem we wanted to, and are equipped to, help solve.

How does this help you?

Effective digital marketing requires an agile, test and learn, always on approach.

The most successful brands post daily on their social media channels, optimise performance by regularly refreshing their digital ads and are constantly updating the visuals on their websites and ecommerce pages to drive conversions.

Here's a few reasons why this works:

  1. Online video ads are proven to increase acquisition: The #1 way consumers discovered a brand they later bought from was through video ads
  2. And conversions: Those that watch videos on e-commerce sites are 120.5% more likely to buy, spend 157.2% longer on the site and spend 9.1% more per order
  3. High quality creative that is regularly refreshed is key to crushing ad fatigue: Showing customers the same ad decreases Click Through Rates by 49% and increases costs by more than 161%. Low quality ads, as measured by performance, plateau earlier compared with high-quality creative, meaning that advertisers gain better action intent and recall for with “good” ads.
  4. Customers need multiple visual touch points to transact: Online shoppers expect to see six product images and three videos when they buy a product.
  5. Visual content drives sales: Amazon has reported Premium A+ content can result in an average sales lift of more than 20%

Staying competitive online adds up to a large volume and variety of custom content which can be costly and complicated to produce. As a result many marketers resort to using stock imagery, simple graphic design or reusing existing assets which does not perform as well as original and digitally native content.

Brands can utilise modern tools, like Dynamic Creative Optimisation platforms, that can help increase online performance and tailor ads for local audiences. However, the overall effectiveness of these systems are dependant on the quality and variety of content you put in. Images and videos have 5-7x more impact on performance than any other factor so having a range of suitable assets on hand is essential for success.


Mass marketing is less effective and consumers expect personalised content from the brands they interact with. Whilst direct response campaigns garner much of the focus of digital marketing, both brand and direct response advertising campaigns on Facebook are consistently effective in driving sales which means a full funnel approach is best. Consumers need to see content that is relevant to them, their communities and lifestyle to cut through an increasingly cluttered digital shelf.

We've already seen the effectiveness of our digital asset production and taking the next step with authentic, effective and ready to use digital creative is something we're incredible excited to release.

What is it and how does it work?

You can now choose from two types of products at Creatively Squared:

Many of our customers have already produced galleries of eye-catching photo and video content, now we can rapidly deploy a variety of creative to keep your ads constantly refreshed.

To create digital ads simply choose from the photos and videos you have already created, or combine with existing brand assets from other sources.

If you don't have a brief in mind you can work with our in-house creative strategists to define the best output for achieving your digital goals.

Briefing is a simple online process, just like our content creation projects, and you'll be fully supported by your dedicated account manager who understands your brand, objectives, and project needs

Each campaign is tailored for the specific channel you are publishing on so you can be sure it's native and primed for success. Simply select how many concepts and formats you require and the order will be processed through our credits system with standardised fixed pricing.

Over the coming months we'll be working closely with our customers to refine the briefing and creative process to make producing the digital content you need even more efficient.

At Creatively Squared we help brands create authentic branded photos and videos at scale and transform your assets into high quality digital creative. Contact us here if you're interested in learning more

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