What you should post next: Instagram content plan for October 2019

Ever wanted to create a post for Instagram but just not been sure of what to share or say? Maintaining an active presence on Instagram and other social networks requires a certain amount of regular posting. You might find that if you aren’t showing up often your posts may not get the momentum they once did.

To help you know what to post next you might find it useful to refer to a content calendar. This plan will help you maintain momentum and continue to grow and engage your audience. As well as assisting you to create relevant posts you will also be a part of a global movement by using hashtags to participate in an international event. 

While we can’t create your posts for you, we can help you decide what to post. To ignite your next creative idea we have prepared a list of events that you can post about this coming October. 

International Coffee Day (October 1)

This event unites coffee lovers in a global day of celebration to share their love of coffee and support the millions of farmers whose livelihoods depend on it.

Create your coffee inspired post by trying a new bean or brew method, enjoying a coffee at home or in your favourite cafe and showcase one of the world’s most loved beverages.

Hashtags to use: #internationalcoffeeday2019 #coffeepledge

International Day of Music (October 1)

Universally loved, music is a truly inspiring artform. You could compose an image based on your favourite tune or artist or dedicate a song to someone you love.

Hashtags to use: #musicday2019 , #musicday

World Vegetarian Day (October 1)

Go meat-free for the day (or forever!) and invite your audience to do the same. Share your favourite vegetarian dish or recipe or show off some farm-fresh produce. 

Hashtags to use: #vegetarianday , #veganday

World Animal Day (October 4)

This is the perfect excuse to get up close and personal with your furry friends. You can show your support of a local animal shelter or charity by shedding light on a species that needs our help. Visit the zoo or seek out some local wildlife and educate your audience on your favourite critters. 

Hashtags to use: #worldanimalday

World Smile Day (October 4) and World Teacher's Day (October 5)

Why not combine the two holidays together by creating posts about your favourite memories or funny events from school? Such posts will likely resonate with readers who themselves will gladly share their childhood memories or similar incidents that have happened with their children.

Hashtags to use: #smileday , #teachersday , #teachersday2019

Instagram’s Birthday (October 6th)

Celebrate the creation of the platform we all love by sharing your favourite posts, latest trends and predictions for the future. You could highlight some of the other people or accounts that bring you joy and ask your followers to share theirs too.

Hashtags to use: #instagrambirthday #instagramlogo

World Egg Day (October 11)

Start your day with a hearty breakfast and share your favourite egg recipes. Eggs are as beautiful as they are tasty and nutritious. Celebrate their form, fragility and the beautiful birds that lay them. 

Hashtags to use: #worldeggday #worldeggday2019

Winnie the Pooh’s Birthday (October 14)

Stories about this much loved teddy are translated into 25 languages around the world, a testament to its unprecedented popularity. Create a tribute to this fun cuddly character from the stories of Alan Milne who is an inspiration for the young and young at heart. 

Hashtags to use: #winniethepoohday

World Food Day (October 16)

A great reminder to never take the food on our plate for granted, World Food Day is organised to shed light on how our changing planet affects food production and distribution. Create posts to help spread awareness of how agriculture needs to adapt due to climate change and the impact it could have on food security. 

Hashtags to use: #worldfoodday

International Chefs Day (October 20)

Cook a dish in tribute to your favourite chef - or visit their restaurant if that’s an option! Share your own cooking tips or tricks or a memory of a favourite meal you’ve had. 

Hashtags to use: #internationalchefsday 

Halloween (October 31)

Get your spookiest decorations out or get dressed up yourself. Bake some Halloween themed treats and carve a pumpkin. 

Hashtags to use: #halloween2019