Top 3 apps for adding magical elements to your photos

We all love photos that surprise us with the unexpected and invite wonder with a little touch of magic. On Instagram they can stop us mid-scroll to scrutinise each detail and leave us wondering how they were made. Often you may be looking at the work of a professional photographer who is well versed in Photoshop but you also could be looking at an everyday creator who knows their way around some clever editing apps. 

Any content creator has their go-to list of photo editing apps but this list isn’t for the likes of Snapseed, VSCO or PhotoshopMix, this article is for apps that will make your images a little bit extra. These apps will help you make your images sparkle with a fairytale element, create something surreal or unexpected and make your audience look twice with some hidden details.

The following apps will help you sprinkle on some magic to your daily photos and the only limit is your imagination! Are you ready? Let’s get started.



PicsArt is an app that makes it easy to go beyond just applying a filter and take your photo editing to the next level. You can use this app to make amazing images, collages and drawings and share with friends. There’s plenty of amazing features - you can add fairytale lights, snow, fireworks, stars and many overlays to your photo. Through the use of stickers, anything is possible. Stickers leverage PicsArt’s editing tools, including drawing, image effects and also text overlays. 

Here is how you can search for community stickers:

Step 1: Open the app and tap on the pink plus icon

Step 2: Tap on Edit

Step 3: Choose a photo

Step 4: Go to Sticker section

Step 5: Tap on Discover

Step 6: Type in a topic or item and you will see all of the stickers with that keyword

See explainer video below for more information

This ballerina shaped shadow is a free sticker from PicsArt  Image  by  @sarah.simple.moments

This ballerina shaped shadow is a free sticker from PicsArt Image by @sarah.simple.moments

IOS:Download PicsArt

Android:Download PicsArt

Bokeh Cam FX


This app came highly recommended by top creator Danielle Dean (from Instagram account @sienna.and.i) and I find it pretty easy to use. You can create awesome bokeh light effects to your photo with just few taps. To make it even better, you have control over adjusting the size and opacity of each light.


  • Bokeh-light Editor - Many different shapes to choose from such as hearts, light, stars, snow, leaves and more.

  • Random Color Effect - Add random colors of bokeh light to your photo by just tapping.

  • Size & Opacity - Adjust the size or opacity in real time.

  • Photo Tuning - Advanced tools for editing brightness, contrast, highlight, shadows, blur etc

  • Save & Share - High quality output, share to Instagram or open in other apps.

Beautiful bokeh effect adding some sparkle and magic.  Image  by  @sienna.and.i

Beautiful bokeh effect adding some sparkle and magic. Image by @sienna.and.i

IOS: Download Bokeh Cam Fx

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Alien Sky - Space Camera 

Alien Sky - Space Camera.jpg

Add a sense of fantasy and the surreal with Alien Sky. This app gives users the ability to customize the sky with an amazing collection of high resolution space objects (planets, moons, and galaxies), bright suns and distant stars. For natural looking blends you can adjust the size of the effect that you’re adding to the image without losing the details.


  •  Space Objects such as Planets, Moons, and Galaxies

  •  Bright Suns and Distant Stars

  •  Futuristic Lens Flares 

Alien sky effect added the sky by @  jamesmgrote

Alien sky effect added the sky by @jamesmgrote

IOS: Download Alien Sky - Space Camera

Note: this app costs $4.99

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