Recharge those creative batteries with our new creative challenge format

As a creative community and business Creatively Squared has thrived and continues to grow and evolve. We are signing up the most talented creators to our platform, working with our dream clients and producing incredible content. So much has changed but the one thing that has stayed largely the same is our weekly creative challenges.

We've had a lot of fun running over 150 challenges but now we feel the time has come for us to refresh the format so that it is better aligned with our vision and values.

Our goal for this community is to help each and every one of you realise your full creative potential. To achieve this goal we need to remove any obstacles and distractions which in this instance was the competition element of our weekly challenges.

Organising these weekly competitions and securing suitable sponsors and prizes takes a considerable amount of time and resources. Our community manager Marisa does an incredible job but much of her energy is directed towards managing our sponsors and their expectations which ultimately isn't bringing us any closer to achieving our goals.

We need to make sure we can focus all of our attention on you. The creators within this community are our number one priority and instead of enabling a few of you each week to win a prize we want to be able to add value to the entire community by providing better support, content and opportunities.

So what’s new?

Monthly challenge topics.
We are introducing overarching topics are designed to help you up-skill in a specific area ranging from techniques to creative concepts. When you complete all four weeks in the challenge you'll be taking away four new skills and adding examples demonstrating these abilities to your portfolio.

Extra resources
We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to execute your biggest and best creative ideas so we will be providing lots of resources and tutorials to help you learn each week. You’ll find these in our Creative Journal and relevant links will be provided with each weekly theme announcement.

Inspirational guest mentors
We are upping the ante with our guest hosts and inviting inspirational creatives to mentor the community during the challenge week. They will be featuring their favourite entries and sharing tips and trade secrets along the way.

For the most part the challenge structure will stay the same. We will continue to recognise great achievements and commend the best entries in our daily features. The community will still be sharing their tips and supporting each other throughout each challenge.

We hope you will continue to join us and that the desire to play, experiment, learn and connect with others on the same path continues to motivate you to challenge yourself creatively each week.

Check out our first monthly topic and upcoming challenge themes