Objects for outfits: A fun creative project for the whole family

If you spend a bit of time on Instagram you might have seen various incarnations of the objects for outfits concept doing the rounds. This creative project is where a person in the background is clothed or accessorised by someone holding an inanimate object in front of them. Cute idea right? 

These foreground items are usually constructed from food items from cute little peachy butts to watermelon slice dresses and whole family lineups with a whole range of ingredients. As with most Instagram trends, we aren’t quite sure where it originated but it has been adopted by some high profile accounts and made very popular.  

The best part about this creative concept is it’s so easy to participate in and have a fun project to tackle with your family - even if they don’t realise it at the time!

Getting the shot perfect can be a little challenging as your camera can only focus on one part of your shot at once. Plus you’ll need to work quickly because those little people don’t stay still (or asleep!) for long! Luckily it’s pretty easy to combine two images into one to get the same effect. For an easy tutorial on how to do this from your phone read our Creative Journal Post  How to experiment with scale and combine two images using just your smartphone

To see some more Object for outfit ideas you can check out the #objectsforoutfits feed on Instagram or create your own and enter it in our ‘Make it ExtraOrdinary’ creative photo challenge this week.