Interior style tips: How to transform your space using art prints


How do you style prints in your home? Do you stick to larger pieces that make a statement? Or do you use art to make your space feel tranquil and relaxing? In our home, its all of the above. I have prints that I have selected for their calming qualities and I also have prints that we have chosen for their “wow” factor. Each space in my home is different and as a result, the art we have chosen for that space must be styled differently. The perfect print can transform your space, if styled correctly.

How exactly do you do that?? I would love to give you the perfect answer, but I am still searching for it! What I can give you though, is a few tips and tricks that I have come across to help you to style your prints in different spaces in your home.



You can spend a huge amount of money on the perfect piece of art for your home but will you like that art piece in 12 months’ time? I am constantly changing over prints in our home, especially on my favourite styling tool – my mantle, because I get sick of seeing the same piece over and over again. For this reason, I don’t buy lots of expensive forever pieces, the majority of my art has been sourced from affordable online print stores. This allows me to change up my art every few weeks to change the look and feel of our home without breaking the bank!

Most of the frames that I use on my shelf are from Adairs. Their gorgeous timber gallery frames
come in a range of sizes in natural or painted finishes. Their frames can be leaned against a wall or attached with permanent hooks or 3m command strips (perfect for renters or those who like to frequently change things up!). The Adairs frames can also be used time and time again without the frame fixtures wearing or breaking. Don’t be afraid to add and layer multiple prints on your shelf. I love to layer 2 – 3 different prints in varying sizes, usually sticking to the same theme.

After I have selected my print, I add my decorative items in varying heights just to the side of the print. Decorative items can include candles (my personal favourite), vases (with or without real or faux flowers), stacked books, greenery, marble décor, jewellery cones etc.
I always try to add an odd number of homewares if they are to be grouped together; my number of choice is usually 3. I like to group my items in a triangle arrangement – the largest item is first at the back, the next in size is placed to the left and moved a little forward and the smallest item is put in the middle of the other two items, but again moved a little forward to create the triangle.

Once you have arranged your items, step back and assess whether you are happy with the way it looks. Does it feel balanced? Are you happy with the colour and tone? Is there enough space between your items? You might need to move things around, swap over décor items until you are happy with the way the space looks and feels.



We chose a large piece to hang above our bed, but there are no rules about the number of pieces you should use or their location. Framed prints can also be leaned on picture shelves above your bed, hung above bedside tables, or larger pieces can be casually leaned against a wall. If you have multiple pictures on the same wall, they can all be brought together cohesively by using the same colour or style of frame.

Size matters! Bigger is always better. Artwork that is too small can look lost and disconnected in the space. There are a few factors to consider when choosing the perfect piece - bed size, ceiling height, bedhead height, room lighting etc. Your artwork should measure at least half to two-thirds of the bed below. And prints should also be hung at least 15cm above the edge of your bedhead.

Less is more, adding too many pieces in a bedroom can make the room feel cluttered. You don’t need to have art on every single wall in your room. Try and keep a balance between art and bare walls to promote calm and relaxation. No need to overstimulate in a room where the goal is to relax and sleep!

Choose a piece that matches the style and colour theme of your room, including the furniture and bed linen. We had already selected bed linen, cushions and throws to match our winter colour scheme before we purchased the print now above our bed. The grey quilt cover and euro pillows are from my favourite linen brand Aura Home (Vintage Fringe Linen). I added extra charcoal pillows to add depth and some cushions that match the cream and natural coloured throws I have at the end of the bed. I found our print online (The Print Emporium) and I couldn’t believe how perfectly it matched my winter colour pallet! It has completed the space and given it a balanced and cohesive feel.


Living Room

In our living room we have large statement pieces. They range in size from 50x70cm to 100x140cm. Larger framed prints should be hung at eye level. The mid-point or centre of the framed print should be between 57-60 inches (roughly 152 cm) from the floor. Go for the lower end of the range if your ceilings are low or if your family is on the shorter side (that’s us!). In rooms with higher ceilings, art can be hung a little higher.

I have a plant under each print in this room. I loving adding greenery indoors – I have fiddle leaf figs, rubber leaf plants and a monstera (Adairs have a great range of faux plants if you are a notorious brown thumb!).

My main print in this room sits right next to my entertainment unit so I have styled the space with more homewares and personal photos. Here I have also arranged my decorative items on a tray. When your items are grouped on a tray the space looks less cluttered as your brain is more likely to see it as one element in a space rather then seeing the items individually. It gives a more organised and less cluttered feel.

Ultimately print selection is going to be based on your personal preference. Only buy art that you love. My final top tip would be to stalk your favourite Instagram accounts. Nothing better than seeing how other people have styled art in their own homes.