How to scout the best photography locations without leaving your house

How easy would it be if we could just find the most beautiful photography locations right from the comfort of our living room? I’m here to tell you how to do exactly that! You don’t need to hit the streets to scour the best spots, all you need is to jump online and explore using Google Maps. I’ve discovered some of my favourite photo locations this way by simply roaming the city from my couch and finding interesting spots to visit.


I’d seen images of insanely colourful basket ball courts from Hong Kong while browsing on Pinterest and Instagram. Living in Hong Kong myself, I had always wondered where exactly they were located. I figured the best way to spot them was by digitally roaming around the city through online maps. I found this method so successful and through this technique I was able to discover many prime photo locations. It’s so simple!

How to find your next photography location using Google Maps

1. Narrow down an area you wish to explore on google maps

2. Switch to satellite view

3. Now you have an amazing birds-eye view over the city, almost like you are flying a drone! It’s quite magical seeing your city in a completely different perspective and it allows you to easily spot some really colourful and interesting locations.

4. Once you spot somewhere of interest you change it to 3D view and get an idea of the entire landscape and plan how you would want to capture it. I use this view to make note of the surrounding colours and plan my outfits accordingly before I go there to shoot.

Colourful basketball court spotting in Hong Kong

Colourful basketball court spotting in Hong Kong

5. You will find an icon of a small yellow dude at the bottom right corner. Once you pick him up, you will see hot spots everywhere on the map. Drop him and start walking along the streets to get a closer viewwithout breaking a sweat in humidity .

You never know what you can discover in your own city. Using this method of discover is how I came across this amazing rainbow building which is a local primary school here in Hong Kong. Exploring the area online allows you to scope out potential vantage points to shoot from. As you can see below, I found a foot bridge across this school which would be a perfect spot to get a whole view of this rainbow building.

digital roaming1.jpg

It’s such an easy way to discover interesting places to explore and photograph. You can plan your entire shoot while watching Netflix and without leaving the couch!