How to make your interior images feel more inviting and homely

We all strive to make our house a home no matter our style and taste. It’s often a labour of love. It’s the space we feel most comfortable and relaxed. In creating images of our interior spaces, we are inviting others into our inner sanctuary and we want them to feel those homely affinities too. It is one thing to snap a photo of your space but there are simple ways to elevate your interior images to the next level and convey that homely sensibility that you create, love and feel from the space.

Live in the space

Now I don’t mean to air your dirty laundry, but embrace opportunities to photograph your space. Perhaps having your morning coffee when the beautiful light is flooding your space, setting the table for a dinner party or you could have simply just visited the flower market and bought your favourite blooms. Documenting simple rituals or gatherings adds life to your space and personality to your image. It can also show how your home evolves, adapts and changes as you live and grow in the space.

A beautiful vignette at the Kitchen bench. Source:

A beautiful vignette at the Kitchen bench. Source:

Go Eclectic

Try to use items that are close to your heart, hold a special meaning or tell a story. From family photos and books to furniture and op shop finds, this may mean that your interior is a bit eclectic but that adds to the personality of your space. It is not a show home, it’s your home! Plus, you can always inject some blood, sweat and tears, metaphorically of course, into the space by doing some DIY on pieces so they suit your style and make them your own.

This little cabinet brings me so much joy! We took the family on a little road trip to pick it up and stopped for ice cream on the way home - win win. I gave it a sand, removed the top doors and painted the inside to lighten it up against the wall. I’m so happy to have found something for this space, it’s as if it was made for it!
— Pip from @theinsidecollective

Add your loved ones

It’s always more homely when you add people interacting and enjoying your home. That could be yourself, your partner or your children simply being themselves in the space. This brings a warmth and love to your image, an often undeniable authenticity that your audience can relate to. It can also show the functionality of the space which can go a long way to conveying that homely feel too. If you shy away from adding the human element, why not add your fur child! They are often willing subjects when snoozing and they always feel at home within ‘their’ space, just ask my dog!

Pip’s dog feeling quite at home on her couch. Source:  @theinsidecollective

Pip’s dog feeling quite at home on her couch. Source: @theinsidecollective

Read our blog ‘5 ways to feel more comfortable photographing yourself at home’ for some tips on including yourself in the frame of your interior shots.

Plant love

Adding living elements such as plants instantly makes a house a home and brings life to your image. After all, someone has to look after them right?

The pops of greenery has brought Hannah’s space to life.  Source: @hannahargyle

The pops of greenery has brought Hannah’s space to life. Source: @hannahargyle

Add layers of colour and texture

Don’t be afraid to add some colour and texture. Often our house starts as a blank canvas and we inject these layers, often metaphoric of our personality, to create our home. This can be done many ways, it can be done subtly or it can be an explosion for the senses, it totally depends on your personality and style. It can be as simple as a flower arrangement to the colour of your walls, artwork and prints to throws, cushions and rugs. These are purposefully chosen layers and they allow the viewer to peel them away and learn more about you and what the space means to you. Perhaps the colours and textures of your space change and adapt with the seasons: A coziness and warmth in winter, a light and bright ‘sheers blowing in the breeze’ kind of openness in summer. The layers you add is what makes your house a home and you at home in that space is the image you create.

Injecting pops of colour immediately creates that feeling of home. Personally I don’t do colourful feature walls, instead I use artwork and then pick up on some of those colours in the cushions or other decor in a space.
— Gina from @stylecuratorau

As they say ‘home is where the heart’ is and I hope this has inspired you to invite us into your home and show us where your heart is truly ‘at home’.

Happy home styling!

Marisa from @marisa.young xx

Community Manager for @creativelysquared

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