How to include fresh flowers in your flatlays and not break the bank!

I don’t know about you but I always feel more at home when I have fresh flowers in the house. Though in my home, flowers don’t stay in the vase for long! I’m always asked about how I can afford to include so many fresh flowers in my flatlays. Well the answer is pretty simple really...I keep them in the fridge to prolong their freshness! I learnt this trick off one of my Instagram idols @HumphreyAndGrace and I haven’t looked back since. I shared it recently on my Insta stories and I was inundated with messages so I thought I would write a quick blog about it and answer some of the common questions.

FLOWERS 12.jpg

Off with their stems...

Yes, I do cut off their stems directly under the flower before I refrigerate them but this simply is a personal preference. I find they sit better in my flatlay without their stems, and this also makes them easier to store in the containers. This is certainly not necessary though. It’s all dependent on how you will eventually use the flowers in your flatlay builds.


You use what?

In terms of containers, I use my Tupperware containers because I find the little vents are handy for adding some air ventilation if needed but honestly you could use any plastic container really. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker if you prefer to store your vegetables in your Tupperware instead and use the Chinese takeaway containers for the preservation of your flatlay flowers...completely up to you!


To water or not to water...

I generally don’t add any water. I may give them a little spray if they are looking a bit sad but I have found that the condensation in the container is enough. I have also found that if you add too much water they do start to go mouldy. When I first started I did use moist paper towel on the bottom of the container but I have found that this isn’t worth the extra hassle either.

FLOWERS 10.jpg

The best of the bunch...

Recently I have been using Ranunculus because they are in season here in Australia and they are perhaps my all time favourite flower to flatlay! I’ve found that they don’t last as long as other flowers though, perhaps because of their delicate nature but I can still get a good couple of weeks out of them!

My most successful flowers to have on chill would have to be roses. Obviously it does depend on the freshness of the flowers but if you source the freshest of roses they can last for over 4 weeks. I have thrown some roses away because I simply grew tired of using them in my flatlays!


So there you have it, a simple way to include flowers in your flatlays without a trip to the flower market every other day!

Happy flower faffing! Marisa xx