Fall into the new season with these creative Autumn inspired photo ideas 

As the seasons change new colours wash across the landscape, the light changes and there is loads of creative inspiration to be found. Regardless of how dark or cold it may get outside, in every season you can find something beautiful to photograph. 

Autumn is no exception and in this article we have collected the best ideas to kickstart your idea bank for a season of fun fall photography:

Leaves and Foliage

The first thing that may come to mind with the arrival of autumn is the changing colour of falling leaves. Green, yellow, orange, gold, red and brown leaves rain from the skies and blanket our streets. They arouse all of the senses with their vibrant colours, earthy smell, and crunch underfoot. 

There are many ways to photograph leaves on the trees or fallen on the ground, here’s some ideas to get your started:

  • Use the carpet of fallen leaves as a backdrop

  • Pluck a bouquet of leaves

  • Hold a huge leaf in your hand

  • Show the gradation of color from a green leaf to a red

  • Cover your eye or hide half your face behind a leaf

  • Hold a cup of coffee on a background of foliage

Forage in forests and parks

The changing seasons are most reflected in nature and outdoors. The best locations to photograph this is within gardens, forests or parks. Keep an eye out in your local area for the time in which the landscape is particularly vibrant before all the leaves are fallen. 

Ideas for taking autumn photos in the forest and park:

  • Snaking paths covered in a multi-colored carpet of leaves

  • Houses, palaces and estates surrounded by crimson foliage.

  • Arrange a whole leaf or other shape from the fallen leaves. 

  • Create a video or boomerang as you throw leave in the air

  • Some large parks have boats for hire. Take a boat out or throw leaves on it and just sit near the river.

  • Look on the ground for cute mushrooms

Cosy Cafes or Restaurants

If outside is too cold, then run into your favorite cafes and restaurants to keep warm and use that location to take a couple of shots. Many cafes will have seasonal interior decor and will help do some of the styling for you. All you have to do is choose a cafe with a beautiful interior, a hot drink and some treats and try and sit near a window to get the best light. If you go before October 31st you may even be able to take advantage of Halloween decorations from spooky decor to cute pumpkins. 

Fall inspired Flatlay

You may even prefer to tackle your seasonal photos from the comfort of your own home. It is simple to create an Autumnal feel by gathering certain props to help convey the mood of being warm and cosy indoors. Think about using warm hued colours that reflect the colour of nature along with snuggly textiles and hot baked treats.

Here are some ideas of some items to use that will make your flatlay perfect for this season:

  • Colorful autumn leaves

  • Acorns

  • Dried flowers

  • A cup of coffee or hot chocolate

  • Cashmere scarf or chunky knit

  • Books

  • Candles or string lights

  • Mini pumpkins or gourds

  • Legs in socks

  • Apple pie, baked apples or cinnamon rolls

Make yourself Miss Autumn

If you’d like to celebrate the season and get in the frame yourself there are ways you can make yourself look extra Autumnal! 

  • Create a crown of leaves or place a sprig of in your hair.

  • Experiment with more gothic looks, such as a black long bell-shaped dress, dark lipstick and any candlelight

  • Use an umbrella as a prop. Pick a colourful one or try attaching string lights to a clear one for some beautiful reflections.

  • Collect some pumpkins or seasonal vegetables to pose with

Convey the feeling of the crisp Autumn weather by wearing: 

  • fine or chunky knit sweater

  • large wool scarf and coat

  • Knitted hat with pom pom, bright beret or felt hat.

  • Autumn inspired makeup such as wine, brown and purple hued lips

Regardless of where you live, there are plenty of ways you can get creative with seasonal locations and props. Which of these Autumn photo ideas were you most inspired about?