Drawn Together: 10 creative ways to combine illustration and photography

The Creatively Squared community are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to express ourselves. Many creative people find it hard to limit themselves to just one idea, execution or medium and we like to think you can do it all! We have been spotting lots of incredible artists combining their love of illustration and photography right into the one image. This merger of mediums produces such creative results that we wanted to showcase 10 of the executions to help inspire you to create your own artistic hybrid.

  1. Get some chalk out and draw right onto the pavement

Relive your childhood, grab some colored chalks and get artistic on the footpath. When you are composing your photo think of fun ways you can connect with your drawing like this example here from @vercitoc

2. Interact with your paint strokes

While you are thinking of clever ways to integrate yourself with your drawing you can take it one step further and reach out and touch the brushstrokes. Like Verฤa Votoฤkovรก has done here, you can Add depth to your image by having the illustration running over and underneath parts of your image. 

3. Transform a blank wall into a beautiful mural

When you have a photograph of a blank wall as your canvas the sky is the limit. Paint your dream wallpaper, street art or mural without having to get your hands dirty! We love the combination of floral art and floating petals in this image by Sumedha @thefashionmommy

4. Use illustration to transform an object into something else

Any inanimate object can come to life as something entirely new with a little illustration. Use your imagination to create a new story or purpose for items you encounter. These biscuits have been turned into beautiful balloons in this artwork by Eka @kulniyasally

5. Use your body as a canvas

If you like to get the paints out but are looking for an unusual execution you could try using your body, like this beautiful artwork by Sumedha Sood. Painting your hands, limbs and legs is a delightfully unexpected way to add art and illustration to your portrait.

6. Paint the sky

Weโ€™ve said it before, when it comes to creative concepts the sky is the limit! Now you literally can take your art to the sky and paint right onto it. We love this painterly brushstroke rainbow by @dearjimena

7. Replace your paint with something unexpected

If you love to doodle and draw perhaps you could give the traditional art materials a miss and try your hand at painting with milk or water. These unexpected materials look shiny and unusual when photographed and with an upturned glass like this can add context to your image. Aravis Dolmenna often creates art out of spilled liquids with such breathtaking results!

8. Use found objects to create an illustration

Illustration doesnโ€™t have to be limited to what you can paint and draw it can also be compiled from items that youโ€™ve found and arranged. This turtle by @minimarshmallows_mum was created entirely from foraged pieces of feijoa fruit found in nature.

9. Adorn an empty vessel

There are many creative ways you can bring new life to an image by illustrating over an empty cup or vase. Fill the contents or draw in some flowers like in this example here by Verฤa Votoฤkovรก

10. Give yourself an instant makeover with a new outfit

Always fancied yourself as a bit of a superhero? Well now you can try it on and illustrate a whole new look for yourself. We think Verฤa looks great in a cape!

Thank you to all these fabulous creative artists for allowing us to share their images in this blog. We hope you are feeling inspired to try and combine some illustration and art into your next image.