Tips & Tutorial

6 Ways to Style Your Treasured Memories

Everyone loves looking back on their photographs to remember days gone by and happy times. We want to take it one step further than just a candid happy snap by creating styled images inspired by your most special moments. By using your creativity you can compile a visual story featuring moment in time that you wish to remember or celebrate, even if that time is right now! There are lots of different ways you could approach this so we have put together a list of ideas to get you thinking about how to tackle the challenge ahead.

Step by Step Guide to Brightening Photos with Lightroom for Mobile

Welcome back to another round of photo editing fun! Last week we had a battle of the apps and compared our favourite smartphone photo editing programs Snapseed, VSCO, Photoshop Express and Lightroom for mobile. After putting them all through their paces with the same image, it was unanimous that we got the best results (with the least effort!) from Lightroom for mobile. Now we want to delve a little bit deeper into the editing process and will take you through each of the steps as we go. To keep it simple we will just be focussing on editing the light and tone of our image to keep it bright and crisp.

Top tips for Styling and Photographing Food

I always think about what the image would look like if I was actually making this recipe in the kitchen. What utensils would I be using? Do I need tea towels/linen? What do I need to do to these ingredients to complete this recipe? All these questions will help you get an idea of which items to include in the photo, of course it is always fun to add some unexpected bits and pieces from time to time but this is a good starting point.