5 ways to feel more comfortable photographing yourself at home

You can easily add a personal touch to your Interior images by jumping in the frame yourself. This can instantly help with conveying your personality to your audience or show the functionality of the space or the objects within it. One Interior creative that cleverly adds herself into her images is Tara Wokulski from @coco.camellia_. I’ll take you through some of the techniques Tara uses to inject her persona into her spaces.

  1. Do something

Most people are more comfortable in front of the camera if they are doing something to distract themselves from the fact they are being photographed, such as reading a book or interacting with your child [or even your fur child]. This can often mean you are turned away from the camera or simply looking down and preoccupied.

You can casually read a book. Source:  @coco.camellia_

You can casually read a book. Source: @coco.camellia_

You can fluff some pillows. Source:  @coco.camellia_

You can fluff some pillows. Source: @coco.camellia_

You can throw a throw, literally. Source:  @coco.camellia_

You can throw a throw, literally. Source: @coco.camellia_

For me it’s all about what do I actually do day to day in my interior setting, I read books, sit on my sofa, rearrange my flowers, fluff cushions, make beds, pretty much all the tasks involved with house keeping are great photo opportunities. especially if your a little shy like myself. These types of shots are the perfect capture of an interior related task being carried out where you don’t need to look directly at the camera. I know the dream! For example fluffing a cushion on your couch, grab your camera or phone out, pop it on a self timer and let the magic happen. It will take a few shots till you’re happy with one you like.

My top tip for these types of ‘task’ shots would be not to pose but to act out the task in full, if you’re fluffing that cushion do it over and over again until you get the perfect shot. there will be some visible blur in your photos, but these really make the shot more appealing and like more of an action shot. These types of shots look more life style, more relatable and less editorial than posed shots looking at the camera.
— Tara Wokulski

Tara often goes when step further with this technique and appears in her own ‘how to’ videos. Check them out on her page @coco.camellia_ for loads of inspiration not only in the styling department [well worth a watch!] but appearing in videos too if you are feeling brave.

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2. Part of you

You can only show a strategically cropped part of you if you don’t want to fully appear in your image. Perhaps just your hands putting down a vase of flowers or have the vase of flowers cleverly do the cropping.

A strategic vase placement. Source:  @coco.camellia_

A strategic vase placement. Source: @coco.camellia_

3. Prop yourself

Props are always handy to use in your images and Interior shots are not exception when you are appearing in the frame. From flowers to books, there are so many props you can interact with in your Interior shots to help you be present. Make these props count by using things that help in showing a part of your personality like bold flowers, your favourite book or you can gazing down into your coffee cup in the perfect looking down shot,

Our blog ‘Selfies for shy people: 7 ways to take a self portrait without showing your face’ will take you through more props to use to help you get in the frame.

Flowers are always a handy prop. Source:  @coco.camellia_

Flowers are always a handy prop. Source: @coco.camellia_

4. The blurred walk through, from a distance shot

The is a common architectural technique to add the human element to Interior images whilst keeping some anonymity to the ‘model’. This could be by walking through the shot, showing the functionality of the space or entering the space. By keeping your distance in the space or intentionally blurring yourself, it keeps the detail focused on the space and the interior styling.

Tara from a distance complementing her space. Source:  @coco.camellia_

Tara from a distance complementing her space. Source: @coco.camellia_

Tip: Experiment with a longer shutter speed to intentionally blur yourself as you move through the space or do something within the space.

5. Own it

You can simply own the shot and be yourself if you are confident in front of the camera, or just take 356 photos like I do and you are bound to get some winners. Tara is so successful at owning the frame and inspiring us all.

Owning it on the bed. Source:  @coco.camellia_

Owning it on the bed. Source: @coco.camellia_

Owning it on the couch. Source:  @coco.camellia_

Owning it on the couch. Source: @coco.camellia_

If you’re not so keen on the action shot idea, you can always pose. These are also great opportunities to show up, and tell people a little more about yourself through your caption.
— Tara Wokulski

I hope this has inspired you to get amongst your interiors and inject some personality, namely yourself, into your images.

Happy [non] posing!

Marisa from @marisa.young xx

Community Manager for @creativelysquared

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