'My Home' Theme Challenge Winners and Judges Comments

After reading through some of the results from our 2017 Community Survey one thing came through loud and clear - you would love to know more about how and why the winning pictures get chosen! As the founder of this community I'm going to do my very best to share as much information about this process with you as I can.

At the conclusion of each challenge it is up to the sponsor to choose the winners which means we have an entirely fresh set of eyes judging the competition every single week. With each new challenge we wipe the slate clean from the week before. The sponsor doesn't take into consideration who has won before, or how many challenges they entered, all they see is the week's entries in front of them. Creativity is completely subjective and different images will appeal to different people so if you haven't won yet please keep entering because you never know what the sponsor will be looking for!

We were lucky to have a champion of independent creative talent sponsoring our "My Home' themed challenge last week. Maggie supports many up and coming brands through her homewares store Kreo Home and has an eye for compelling and unique design. After we put her through her paces judging over 200 entries we asked her to give us some feedback on why she selected her top two images.

Did you know that Maggie is an adrenaline junkie that swears like a sailor? We loved getting to know the founder of Kreo Home - Don't miss our Q&A with Maggie from our interview series.

As well as sharing Maggie's comments I'd love to include my own. I am always in awe of the creativity that comes through this hub every week and while I might not get the opportunity to personally comment on each image that gets submitted I do admire appreciate every single one!

Challenge Winner - Luwyn Tan, Singapore

Image via Instagram from account @codename_black_lotus as entered in the #cs_myhome creative challenge

Image via Instagram from account @codename_black_lotus as entered in the #cs_myhome creative challenge

Maggie's comments: Wow just wow! You totally captured home and warmth, not only in your stunning creative spread but also in your words! Absolutely blown away! Nailed it!

Ruth's comments: With so many carefully arranged elements, Luwyn has created a beautiful tribute to her mother with this image. I'll be the first to admit I'm a sucker for a sentimental image and the caption accompanying this one was almost like poetry. Thank you Luwyn for thinking so deeply about the theme and sharing a little piece of what home means to you with this photo.

Runner-up - Kate Robinson, New Zealand

Image via Instagram from account @thisfamilyrobinson as entered in the #cs_myhome creative challenge

Image via Instagram from account @thisfamilyrobinson as entered in the #cs_myhome creative challenge

Maggie's comments: Mumma you sure have the right idea! Coffee and cake! Enough to fuel any mumma with sick little ones and a household to run. You have captured my childhood memories in your beautiful creative spread perfectly! My mumma would do the same for me! Adore it!

Ruth's comments:  There is an art to composing a great photo, and in my opinion, a mesmerising image is one that truly captures the feeling of the moment in time that it was created. Kate has done that with her image that speaks of creature comforts and captures the warmth of rainy days at home.

Do you have any feedback for the winners? We would love to hear your comments as well!