Add some creativity to your coffee by styling the perfect cafe table photograph

Do you like your morning coffee with a side of creativity? Would you like to learn how to use what you can find in your favourite cafe to style the perfect snap for Instagram? We have recruited some expert help from Gina @_hello_g_ who is the queen of beautiful tabletop cafe styling. She loves nothing more than getting creative while drinking coffee and eating delicious cake and we think she is definitely onto something!

Creating your content from a cafe is such clever way to document your day and bring a fresh element or location to your styled photos. Not only does each cafe you visit have an interesting mix of interior decor and unique tableware. They also serve the perfect props with their beautifully plated delicacies you can photograph and then enjoy eating afterwards with no cleaning up!

Everytime you go to a cafe you have the perfect opportunity to take a great photo and Gina is going to share her tips with us below so that you know exactly how to get the most out of your cafe styling session:


Pick the perfect table

Find the best lit table in the cafe that is near a window or one that has as much natural light as possible. Overhead and artificial lighting tends to cast a shadow, especially if you are photographing from above.

Collect your props

As well as the delicious cakes and coffees you can order off the menu, most cafes have a collection handy props you can add to your photo. Check to see if they have a collection of the latest magazines or books to read with your coffee that you can bring to your table. You can also make use of any existing table decorations like fresh flower arrangements and candles. If none of that is available, have a look at what you brought with you and use your watch, handbag or sunglasses.


Add some action

You can bring some life to your photo by adding a human element. Why not add your own hand or get a friend to help out by holding the coffee cup or cake fork for you to photograph.

Look beyond the table

Have a look around the cafe and see what else you could use for your photo. If the floor has pretty tiles you could stand and hold your cup of coffee to take a overhead shot. Or place your cup of coffee on your lap while you are seated on the chair and take a shot overhead. If the cafe has a photogenic spot, like a garden or a feature wall, you could try holding your coffee up to get it as a background.

Special thanks to our contributor Gina Gooi for sharing her insights and beautiful photos with us. Check her out on Instagram at @_hello_g_

Do you have any other tips for getting the most creative photo with your morning coffee? Share them in the comments below we would love to hear from you.