Take your styling talents to new heights with the 'stacklay'

The stacklay is the hottest new photo trend since the shelfie! It is a clever way to curate a collection of items that you want to share and is a great visual storytelling tool. We are big fans of this vertically inclined styling so we are sharing our tips on how to build up your skills and create the perfect stacklay.

Follow our step-by-step guide and take your stacklay skills to the next level:


Step 1: Build your base

It is best to start with some flat layers, books or folded fabric make great foundations for your stacklay. Add a couple layers of different sizes to build a sturdy base

Step 2: Add some texture

It’s time to add some height and texture to your stacklay. Go large with a feature cushion or add some folded clothes or cloth wraps. Don’t be afraid to add some prints and be bold with colour

Step 3: It’s time to drape

Well by now it’s all looking a bit too neat isn’t it? Let’s soften it up with some draping. Accessories, garlands and ribbons are perfect for adding an extra organic looking layer to relax the look your stack.

Step 4: Add your feature items

Every photo needs a focal point and it’s time to add one now. Toys and shoes make a great top layer and add some much needed height to your arrangement. You can even add a couple items of different sizes to fill out the top layer of your stack.

Step 5: Final decorative touches

This is like putting the cherry on top, but in this case you might want to tuck a few decorative elements in at various levels of your stacklay. Flowers, bows or anything small and decorative will add the perfect finishing touch to your stack.

So now you have all the steps to create the perfect stacklay! We would love to see how you have used our tips in your challenge entry and upcoming future photos. 

Picture credits: Beautiful stacklay styling courtesy of Marisa Young @marisa.young