An Interview with Aravis Dolmenna

This week we have a very special treat for you creatives!

The Creatively Squared community would have seen and admired the creative images by Aravis Dolmenna featured on our Creatively Squared account. Aravis’ images just ooze creativity. They are incredibly imaginative and playful, yet always have a unique ‘Aravis’ stamp on them that you come to recognise as part of her creative brand.

Follow Aravis’ instagram here  @aravisdolmenna

Follow Aravis’ instagram here @aravisdolmenna


Of course creating a brand identity that people immediately recognise is no easy feat. First you need to come up with a creative idea that is unique to you and then you need to continually keep creating content that follows and enhances this unique brand.

While Aravis has such a diverse range of images that play with shapes, water and perception, her images stay true to her creative style. We are absolutely thrilled to have Aravis share her creative journey and learn more about what inspires her images. We hope you enjoy learning more about Aravis as much as we have!

How did you get into creating creative images and where to do you get your inspiration from?
I always drew and painted for pleasure but when I became a young mother my creativity was channeled into getting my sons to enjoy art of all kinds. I consider "creativity" to include many disciplines, from painting and sewing to gardening and cooking, creating something is good for the soul, whether it is a drawing a story or a meal.

How did you get started creating images for your Instagram account?
Much later, When my son introduced me to Instagram nearly five years ago I thought it was a photo editing app, it was only slowly that I realised what it could be. It was when I discovered the world of galleries with daily prompts that my artistic creativity was re-awakened. I would look at the day's prompt and try to come up with the most unexpected interpretation. It became a kind of game, like a cryptic crossword. My account has developed, as time has passed I am posting more and more of my own ideas, relying less on prompts and posting less "outdoor shots". A lot of what I am doing at the moment is about shape. How the shape of one item mimics another.

Do you ever get creative rut? If so, how do you help yourself get over it and start creating again?Of course like everyone sometimes I have no ideas or inspiration, but I have found that trying to force things only results in weak images. You just have to wait for an idea to come to you (this might be the time to look at prompts again).

Do you have a big creative box of styling items or do you buy them as you need them?
I have paints, coloured cards and modelling clay. But apart from that I try to just use the items around me, I've always felt that reusing and adapting makes you more inventive.

What are some of your favourite images and why?
I am probably most proud of my "water art" images because they are very individual, I am very proud of the attention they have attracted, when I came up with the idea I had no idea it would be shown on TV in Japan, be published in Indian newspapers, be written about in French arts magazines, or that I might be commissioned to produce work for a Colombian wine tour company or an Italian coffee writer or even be published in the Huffington post, see the "water art" at #aravish2o 

This sounds rather boastful but in reality I understand that in this internet age things become popular suddenly and pass just as quickly, for the moment I am delighted to be allowed to express myself and have fun.

How would you recommend people in the Creatively Squared community develop their own creative style?
I would always recommend people to follow your own style, try to do what you like and not be too influenced by how many "likes" you get or by what other people are doing, ultimately it will be more satisfying to develop your own style.

You can follow Aravis’ Instagram account at @aravisdolmenna and all her images available as digital files at original resolution.