Give your Christmas a personal touch with these easy DIY ideas

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, and I just love all the hype and excitement leading up to the big day. But it’s all too easy to get caught up in the shopping frenzy and feel like you need to buy the latest trends. So I like to make a big effort to get hands on and make some of our Christmas décor – not only is it quite cost effective but it also is such a nice way to get creative and take some time to reflect. I also really like to add a personal touch to gift wrapping, so that the presents sitting under our tree are just brimming with care and love.


As part of my blog Clever Poppy, I specialise in creating DIY projects, and I do a lot of work with Scotch. Their range is perfect for Christmas projects, so I thought I’d share some of our favourite project collaborations here with you.


Gift Wrapping Ideas

Now this is something most of us are going to need to do at Christmas, so why not turn it into a fun and creative escape!  I created two unique wrapping ideas for Scotch this year.


First up is this layered pocket look, using their Gift Wrap Tape, which is super easy to do. Wrap your package in kraft paper, then fold more paper into tidy strips and layer it around the package, taping at the back to secure it in place. Use the pockets to add foliage, cards and ornaments. 


The second idea is to use Scotch Double Sided Tape to add lovely trims. This is such an easy technique, and creates such a beautiful effect! Just wrap the present, then stick Double Sided Tape to the paper and press pom pom trim on top of the tape, to create patterns and borders.


You can learn more about this project here

You can also use Scotch Expressions washi tapes to take your gift wrapping to the next level! 

For example, use washi tape and toothpicks to create tiny feathers, and attach these to the top of the pressie. Or try making little Christmas trees with sections of washi tape, laid out in a tree shape. 


Want more creative give wrapping ideas? 

Christmas Gift Boxes

Another fun idea is to decorate a noodle box with washi tape.  Just choose a festive pattern to add to the side, then make bunting by folding tape over the handle and cutting it into flag shapes. These are a great way to disguise a gift card, or perfect for little teachers gifts.

See more details about tackling this project.


Christmas Decorations

Last year I also made these sparkly geometric ornaments with Scotch Expressions Glitter Tape. They are made by printing a template and covering it in the tape, then folding it and securing with Double Sided Tape. 

Discover how to make different geometric shapes


Christmas Cards

Last but not least, try making these cute as a button Pop Up Cards this year! You basically cut a tree shape into one piece of card and glue it to a backing card, then decorate the tree shape with Washi Tape. Learn how to make these in this simple tutorial


I hope these ideas have left you feeling inspired to make some of your own festive creations. Lots of these are also a fun way to spend time with your kids and get them involved too.  Loved ones on the receiving end will sure be lucky this year!

Merry Christmas everyone, Julie 


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