6 Styling Tips To Up Your Flatlay Game

Ever wished you could flatlay all day for a living? Well our guest blogger this week, Connie Chan from @clickthisphoto, does just that! We are lucky enough to have Connie sharing her top 6 styling tips with us this week in our Journal so if you want to keep your flatlay game strong - keep reading!

1. Your Flatlay Is A Story

Every time you create an image, you have a reason behind it. Maybe you’re showcasing your new holiday clothes or maybe you just want to share your delicious, freshly baked cookies. It’s important to keep your purpose in mind when creating your next flatlay. 

The story of your flatlay will tell you what items belong and what items don’t. If you’re telling the story of your new holiday clothes, show us more information about what your holiday may be about. Is it overseas? Include a passport. Are you heading to the beach? Include sunglasses and a fun novel. The more details you include that support your story, the more real and unique your flatlay will become.

2. Make Your Hero Standout 

Typically a flatlay will have 1 or 2 hero items as the main focus. Make sure they are prominent in the frame. Our eyes are often drawn to areas of contrast so if your hero item blends too much into your background, try putting a different coloured prop under it like a blanket or notebook. Or consider using a different background. Simple, neutral coloured backgrounds without busy patterns will make your hero stand out the best.

3. Choose A Colour Palette

Base your colour palette on your hero items. If colour palettes are not your strong point, try sticking to only 2-3 colours in your flatlay. Keep your colours in the same family such as only soft pastels or only bright punchy colours.   

If your hero piece is a tad boring in the colour department, try basing your colour palette on a magazine photo and include it in your flatlay. But be sure to pick a photo that compliments your hero items and fits your flatlay story.

4. Finding Balance

Balance is the key to great composition. Spread your pops of colour around the frame instead of keeping them all clumped together on one side. Place hero items and brighter colours near the middle to draw your audience in.  Keep the spacing between objects consistent. 

Once you’ve got a handle on creating balance in your frame, try playing around with negative space (the blank areas in your composition). Lots of negative space can make your image feel airy and keep your flatlay from feeling too crowded. 

5. Bring It To Life

Adding a human element is the best way to take your flatlay from good to amazing. Have a hand holding a cup of tea or include some legs stretched across a bed. Human presence make your flatlay story come alive because it makes your viewers see your flatlay as a moment in someone’s life. It feels more relatable and real. 

6. Dare To Experiment

To be creative we must be bold. Experiment with different compositions, angles and combinations. Search for new stories to tell. Sometimes great ideas happen by accident so don’t be afraid to try something new or even something silly. Evolving your flatlay style not only allows for personal growth as a creative, but it also keeps your feed refreshing and new. Aim to stay ahead of trends by starting new ones. 

Want to see more tips from Connie and behind the scenes shots of this flatlay pro working her magic? Make sure you follow her on Instagram @clickthisphoto and view her portfolio of work clickthisphoto.com/