15 ways to style and photograph beauty products inside your bathroom 

When photographing cosmetics and beauty products the easiest way to add context to your lifestyle shot is by styling them where they are used the most - the bathroom! 

At first the bathroom might not seem like the most interesting location or backdrop for your photo but once you have a scroll through our list of clever product placement ideas you’ll be looking at yours in a whole new light. 

We’ve compiled 15 different ways to style and photograph products from your very own bathroom. Even if you are short on space there are plenty of placement ideas here for you to experiment with on your next product shoot. 

  1. On the edge of your bath

CLab 4.jpg

2. Using your floor tiles


3. Sitting on some folded up towels


4. On top of the laundry hamper


5. In a bubble bath

Pears ANZ_Alex O'C_1.jpg

6. Placed on the bathroom sink


7. Inside your bathroom cabinet


8. On your shower ledge or shelf

Core Metrics Ali W_16.jpg

9. Placed on the back corner of the bath


10. Standing on a side table

Core Metrics AW _8.jpg

11. On your bathroom window sill

Core Metrics Ali W_19.jpg

12. Inside your laundry hamper

Core Metrics Ali W_11.jpg

13. Styled on some bathroom shelves

Core Metrics Ali W_23.jpg

14. Inside the top drawer of your bathroom cabinet

Core Metrics Ali W_24.jpg

15. Over the tub on your bath caddy

Pears ANZ_Shelley G_2.jpeg

There you have it, 15 unique placement ideas for your next beauty shoot. With each of these spots in your bathroom you can play with different perspectives to get the perfect shot.