Vibrant Whimsy: Meet the Artist Bringing Colour and Positivity to the Community


Meet Shana Danon

Shana is an artist and surface designer who creates vibrant paintings, prints and patterns from her Bondi studio. Inspired by a passion for Mid Century modernism, her work celebrates form, function and colour with a touch of whimsy.

Growing up in a family of artists nurtured Shana to become a maker and work with colour across a variety of media. In her spare time she can be found visiting art galleries, admiring vintage homewares, exploring the NSW coast with her husband & two boys and enjoying live music. Shana is happiest with a camera, coffee or paintbrush in hand. Sometimes all at once!

Shana Danon exhibition.jpeg

Q&A with Shana

How would you describe your creative style?
My patterns and prints are filled with bold colour, organic lines and geometric shapes, referencing the past with a contemporary twist. Modern vintage!

They are conversational pieces for those who love to live colourfully. Emilio Frank Design works are created to inspire bright and positive spaces and evoke joyful memories. Contrasting monochrome linework also features in my works, which works well with minimalist styling and Scandi inspired spaces.


What inspired you to start your own line of artworks, homewares and textiles?
An extensive previous career in professional organising and decluttering cultivated my love for interiors and the home. I encountered mountains of mass produced cheaply made items that were on high turnover and contributed to landfill. I educated my clients about mindful purchasing, recycling and repurposing and was inspired to create my own collections made with quality materials, investment pieces to love for years. Besides the aesthetics of mid century design I greatly admire the workmanship, tools, materials and  level of detail in creating, which I aspire to. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my products as I have a certain vision of how I want them to be.


In honour of this week’s creative challenge theme, can you tell us why you love the classic combination of ‘Prints and Patterns’?
The use of print and pattern can transform a space in a million different ways. Adding movement, energy, colour and emotion - the opportunities are endless to create different moods, styles and themes. I can’t wait to see how it inspires this creative community!

What are a couple of your favourite pieces that you have created and tell us why you love them? 
One of my current favourites is ‘She Will Have Her Way’ - an indigo monochrome piece with a message of empowerment and strength. I have really enjoyed how people have connected to and interpreted it.

She Will Have Her Way by Emilio Frank Design

She Will Have Her Way by Emilio Frank Design

Moonbow  by Emilio Frank Design

Moonbow  by Emilio Frank Design

Another favourite is ‘Moonbow’ inspired by rainbows that are created by lunar light instead of solar. The beauty in nature fascinates this night owl - moonscapes feature heavily in my work. The colour palette is a favourite too.

We think it’s great that you create products that are ethically made using sustainable materials. Tell us about your mission and how you support like-minded makers.
I have been fortunate to collaborate with some incredibly talented makers who help bring my designs to life.  My archival framer and screen printer are both a ten minute walk away and help me create long lasting products by using sustainable materials. The art prints are printed on giclee - museum grade paper that lasts 75 years and the screen printed dachshund tea towels do not fade. I produce small print runs to eliminate wastage and focus on quality.

My packaging is biodegradable and eco friendly, my stationery is printed on sustainable + recycled materials and I have enlisted a textile agent to source ethical and sustainable studios when collaborating internationally.

I enjoy bringing positivity to the community by using colour, and am currently collaborating on a public art project, as well as contributing to a range that brings awareness to the war on waste. More details to come!


What will you be looking for when you judge this week’s challenge entries?
I will be looking for entries that show an individual style, boldly embraces print + pattern and reflects creativity. Good luck and enjoy!

Shana is the sponsor of our 'Print and Pattern' themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Shana's beautiful artwork on her Instagram account emiliofrankdesign and shop the collection online at