Taking a plastic-free journey to zero-waste with the founder of Ecologique

Meet Anna! Founder of Ecologique

Tell us a bit about yourself Anna
Hey there! Born and raised in sunny Perth, Australia I live in the northern suburbs with my husband and our sixteen year old cat. By day (and sometimes by night!), I work on my two businesses One Happy Leaf and Ecologique. When I’m not in my studio, I love to relax by hitting my local ice skating rink. In addition to ice skating, I have a passion for growing my own food, spending sunny days in the garden tending to my fifteen veggie patches and nine fruit trees.


What inspired you to start a collection of eco friendly products?
After founding One Happy Leaf eco-jewellery and homewares, it became clear to me that I also wanted to help others on their zero-waste and plastic-free journey. The concept of Ecologique began as a place to provide functional and beautifully-designed zero-waste lifestyle tools and other eco-friendly products. 

In what ways have you changed your own lifestyle to reduce your impact on the environment?
My changes have been gradual over the last few years, and every day I seem to learn something new that I can try out to reduce my impact on the environment. I’m inspired by clever zero waste bloggers like The Rogue Ginger and Going Zero Waste 

Apart from the obvious use of reusable straws, coffee cups and grocery bags, I have been looking at other ways to reduce my waste in small habitual ways. Just in the last few months I have been focusing specifically on reducing my plastic waste, so I have started:

  • buying a lot of my pantry items in bulk to reduce plastic packaging
  • baking my own bread to prevent purchasing a plastic bread bag
  • using a tea strainer with tea leaves instead of using plastic-lined teabags
  • using bamboo cotton buds as opposed to plastic buds
  • using a menstrual cup instead of plastic-wrapped tampons and pads
  • making my own homemade cleaning products to reduce plastic packaging found with cleaning products

Oh, my husband and I are also vegetarian for environmental (and ethical) reasons. We try to grow as much food as possible to reduce our carbon footprint and compost most of our food waste back into our veggie patches.

There is so much more I can do in the future and I look forward to trying a new environmentally-friendly habit every month to help the environment.

What do you look for when sourcing materials and products to add to your collection?
I look for three things: the products must be beautiful, functional, and useful in helping someone on their path to living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Stainless steel straw bamboo.jpg

Congratulations on selling out of your first batch of reusable straws, can you tell us more about what other products we can expect to see from Ecologique?
Absolutely! I will begin by adding products that I have used in my own journey to enhance my eco lifestyle. In the next few months I will be adding all the basics, like reusable coffee cups, water bottles, tea strainers, stainless steel reusable razors and portable cutlery. All of these products will be high quality with beautiful aesthetics.   

What will you be looking for when you judge this week’s photo challenge?
You don’t need to have amazing “instagrammable” plants growing in your garden to win – I just want to see joy and creativity in what you have found in your garden.

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You can join Anna on her quest for a zero-waste lifestyle and shop the Ecologique collection online at ecologique.co