Meet the Creatives: Lisa Lee


Meet Lisa Lee

My love for interior styling and renovation started at the age of 6 when I moved with my parents into an old farm house in the Netherlands. The house was renovated room by room, day by day, year by year and my sister and I were actively involved in breaking down walls and ripping up carpet. Since then, my interest has continued to grow in my new home of Australia, where I share my love of scandi style on my blog and via insta. I am a confessed home improvement TV show junkie and DIY lover.

Q&A with Lisa

How would you describe your creative style?

Scandi with a hint of me. I like upcycling and DIY-ing so there's a lot of 'projects' to be seen

What kind of equipment do you use?

I take my photos with an Olympus Pen EPL8. It's perfect for me. I can shoot everything on the manual settings, but it's a lot more compact than an DSLR. My fave editing app on my phone is Snapseed.


Can you tell us why you love the idea of ‘less is more’?

I am a clutter free, organised person. And I recently did a big revamp of my wardrobe. I donated all clothes i didn't wear anymore and purchased a few items that met my new criteria.

They had to be:

A) Functional,  (eg. easy to wash and practical)

B) Baby friendly, so no delicate silks!

C) Playground proof, no more tight miniskirts and high heels...

and D) cool and stylish - just because I'm a mum now doesn’t mean I need to look dull!

You have an incredible Instagram account, can you share a few of your favourite shots and tell us why you love them?


I love this picture as I put so much work in creating a beautiful and inspiring playroom for Benji. This was one of the first times he used it and his face just tells it all. I’m so glad i managed to capture this moment


I love this image because it shows you can mix and match patterns and textures and still create a calm look. I also like it because it proves that you can have toys in your living room without looking like you're a plastic addict


I've started doing some product styling gigs more recently and am really enjoying this. We will expand this further in the new year, which is scary and exciting too.

Lisa is the guest host of our ‘Less is More’ themed photo challenge this week. Find out how you can participate here - Creative Challenge Entry Details

You can see more of Lisa’s photos on her Instagram account @whiteandwander and visit her website